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How to Put in Hair Extensions

How to Put in Hair Extensions

If you want to update your look or play around with hair extensions, then you need to know how to put in hair extensions. You don’t want to end up with a messy ‘do, so make sure the extensions are inconspicuous and natural-looking. Before you start, make sure you have the right extensions. Choose those that are closest to your natural hair in color, length, and texture for the best effect. However, if your hair is short and you want to make it look longer with extensions, make sure there’s enough length for the extension to hold on to, and be prepared to spend some time on trial-and-error placements to achieve a natural look. Then shampoo your hair, but don’t condition it. Don’t use any product that will turn your hair oily, greasy, or slippery, as this will make it difficult for the extensions to stay in place.

  1. Part your hair into sections. The fuller you want your hair to look, the more sections you will need. Part your hair from one side of the head to the other, starting about an inch from the bottom, and tie the upper part into a top bun to keep it out of the way.

    ch the extension, free up your top bun, make another parting higher than the first parting, and tie the upper part into a bun again. Repeat as you go up, ending approximately at the ear level. Always check to see that the hair and extensions look good, not contrived. For volume, you will need to add about four wefts. To simply increase the hair’s length, you will need only two.

  2. Before fastening a strip or weft of extension, measure it so that it’s the same width as your natural hair. Position the weft on your head and cut it to fit.

  3. Fasten the hair extension according to its design:

    a) Tape-on or seamless hair extension. This is a flat strip of hair that comes with a double-sided tape backing. You simply pull off the paper backing from the tape and adhere the extension to the roots of your own hair.

    b) The clipped-in hair extension is also easy to attach. Open up the clips on a single weft, place the comb downward, close to your hair roots, and then close the clips. If the weft doesn’t sit right, open up the clip, gently lift the extension, and adjust accordingly. To avoid damaging your own hair, do not attempt to reposition or remove the weft without opening the clip.

    c) Bonding is a temporary hair-extension method, and it entails the use of hair extension glue. Apply the glue to the weft and adhere the extension to the root of the hair, very close to the scalp. Do not apply the glue directly to your scalp, as this won’t be as effective in holding the extension in place. It will keep the extension from moving freely and naturally with your natural hair.

  4. Let down your remaining hair, and make sure it covers the attached extensions completely. If recommended, heat-style your hairdo; if not, you’re better off playing safe and leaving it as is.

  5. Depending on the hair’s texture, you can smooth, pat, fluff, finger-comb, or brush it to style it. Make sure the extension stays firm and flat. Do not disturb the parts where the extensions are attached to the hair, because this might weaken the bonds and result in them falling off. Trim some of the extensions if necessary.

Putting in hair extensions takes some learning and practice. With constant repetition, you will get better at it and will be able to put the extensions in without taking up an entire afternoon. So go get yourself some hair extensions to play with, and follow the above tips on how to put in hair extensions!  


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