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how to put lights on a Christmas tree

how to put lights on a Christmas tree

Decorating the Christmas tree is one of the most eagerly anticipated parts of the holiday preparations. No matter how old you are, when you see a fully decorated Christmas tree, it just lights up your day and makes you feel like a child again. But decorating isn’t as simple as you think. Sometimes our Christmas tree ends up looking very different from the commercials or the trees in department stores. This is because they know how to put lights on a Christmas tree. The effect of those twinkling lights in a tree lights up several emotions – happiness, nostalgia, hope and excitement to name some. It’s hard to put the effect this brings into words, especially since it is also Christmas time. This is probably why we really do take the time to make our Christmas tree something extra special and beautiful. Some would think that putting lights on a Christmas tree is easy, and in fact it can be. You just have to know the proper way to do it and, for sure, you can do it easily, not to mention beautifully. Here are some steps to help you.

  1. The first thing to do is to check your Christmas lights.

    lean any dust off, then lay the lights on the floor or any large flat surface to make sure that there are no tangles. Plug them in and check for any busted bulbs. Replace them and check again to make sure everything is working.

  2. Estimate if you have enough strands of lights. If you don’t, buy more of the same kind. Buying something different will not look as good on your Christmas tree. It is advisable to just use one kind for the whole tree.

  3. Work on your tree in an area large enough so that you have space to work all around it on all sides; not just one. Ask for at least one person to help you. When putting up lights, two people are better than one.

  4. Get ready with the first strand of lights. One technique that I use is to work with the lights already lit up. Plug in the Christmas lights. This way, it’s easier to see where you need to work on and where you are going.

  5. Once plugged in, start at the inner topmost part of the tree. Make sure that you have covered the entire inner part as well as the outside. Hide the cord in the branches of the Christmas tree. Check that the lights are evenly distributed.

  6. Work your way down. As you descend the branches will get longer, especially the bottom.  Start again at the inner part, wrapping the lights all around the branches. Again, make sure that you tuck the cord into the branches so that it doesn't show.

  7. Once one branch is done, start with the one beside it, continuing all around the tree and ending at the last layer of the tree. Make sure that you have enough lights in the inner part of the tree. The sparkling lights will look very beautiful shining through the branches from the inside so make sure that there are plenty of lights in there.

  8. When you think you’re done, look again to make sure the distribution is even. Hide any cords that are showing and adjust the parts that need it. You can now begin hanging your Christmas ornaments.

Always remember that when deciding how to put lights on a Christmas tree methods may differ a little bit, but all in all, it’s always about placing the lights from the inside and working your way out. Good luck with your decorating and have a blessed Christmas!


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