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How to Put on Fake Eyelashes

How to Put on Fake Eyelashes

Fake eyelashes, when applied on top of real eyelashes, instantly transform the eyes. Those with thin or sparse eyelashes patiently put on false eyelashes every day to add bulk to their lashes. Many people also wear false eyelashes during special or formal occasions. Like with any other activity, putting on fake lashes is slow going at first, but you will get faster with practice. Here are the steps on how to put on fake eyelashes.

  1. Put on eye makeup first

    Before putting on the fake eyelashes, apply makeup first to the eyes. There are two reasons for this. The first reason is that putting mascara at the onset helps the fake lashes stick to the real ones. The second reason is to avoid getting eyeshadow and other makeup on the fake lashes because the makeup will be a challenge to remove without dislodging or damaging the lashes.

  2. Prepare the false eyelashes

    Using tweezers or your fingers, hold the lashes above your real lashes to measure them.

    False lashes are usually sold wider than usual so the wearers can trim to fit. The goal is to make your eyes look like you have naturally thick lashes, so the fake lashes should be the same length as, or a bit shorter than, your real ones. Another reason to trim the lashes is that long ends can cause discomfort by poking your eye or eyelid.

    Snip off one end from each of the false lashes. Only one end of the lash should be cut. The cut end is the tip that will be placed on the outer ends of the eyes, or the side closest to the ear. The uncut end, with the shorter lashes that graduate to longer lashes, must be placed on the inner ends closest to the nose.

    A fake eyelashes kit normally contains lash glue. Put some on the lash line of the fake lashes. Do not skimp on the glue so there isn’t any risk that the lashes dangle limply halfway through an event. On the other hand, too much glue results in thick gobs on your eyelids. The glue is white when wet and becomes transparent when dry. Wait for half a minute or blow gently into the lash so the glue becomes partly dry. If the glue is still too wet when the lashes are put on, it will be tough to place them precisely as the lashes may slide.

  3. Put on the false eyelashes

    With the use of tweezers or your thumb and forefinger, place the lashes on the eyelid area closest to your lash line. Your lash line is the edge of your eyelid where the lashes grow. Start from the outer edge of the eye and go inward. Press the lash into the lid as you go. Repeat with the other eye.

  4. Retouch your eye makeup

    Apply matching eyeliner or eyeshadow to the lash line of the fake eyelashes to cover the telltale sign of glue. This will also make sure that you only have one lash line showing instead of two. Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler so the real lashes mix with the fake ones. Apply another coat of mascara to seal them together.

Bat your eyes and see the dramatic difference that false eyelashes give to your appearance. While the steps on how to put on fake eyelashes might be a bit difficult to follow in the beginning, taking them off is always much easier. Slather makeup remover or petroleum jelly on your eyelid area and wait for several minutes before taking them off. Do not attempt to pull off the false lashes without makeup remover or petroleum jelly, as this can painfully pull out your real lashes. You can reuse the lashes several more times. Gently wash the lashes from time to time with makeup remover, taking care not to ruin the fibers of the lashes.


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