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How to Put on Makeup Like a Pro

How to Put on Makeup Like a Pro

Makeup can work wonders in your life. Making or breaking how others perceive you, it helps you stand out and put your best self forward. However, purchasing the right makeup isn’t enough. You need to have a solid grasp of how to put on makeup like a pro and make the most out of your cosmetics. Let this guide transform the way you use makeup and look your best all the time.

  1. Invest in the Right Tools: You may not be an excellent makeup artist yet, but with the right products and tools, you’ll find yourself closer to makeup success. First off, you need high-quality makeup brushes. The eight kinds you need include:

    a. Foundation brush

    b. Fluffy powder brush

    c. Concealer brush

    d. Small blending Brush

    e. Flat eyeshadow brush

    f. Blush brush

    g. Lip brush


    recision angle brush

  2. Applying Foundation: Apply a primer to your face first before using a powder, liquid, or cream foundation. You could opt to mix some primer with a cream foundation to make it look more translucent. This helps makeup blend perfectly. If you have oily skin, use a damp sponge to apply cream foundation. For dry or combination skin, use a foundation brush and buff the foundation on your face.

  3. Apply Concealer as Needed: Using opposite colors hides discolorations or imperfections on your face. So if you have issues with redness, use a green-pigmented concealer. If you have bluish undertones, use an orangey concealer.

  4. Contouring Your Face: To make your face look more oval, apply a bronzer one or two shades darker on your temples, under the cheeks, and chin. Apply the same shade on the edges of your forehead if you want it to look less prominent. To make your nose look less flat, start shading from the inner eyebrows to the bridge of your nose. To lift your cheeks, apply a highlighter above your cheekbone and temple. Then apply some blush on your cheekbone and shade the hollow of your cheek with a bronzer.

  5. Emphasizing Your Eyes: As for eyeshadow colors, play around with various shades to see which work best for your unique eye color. For brown eyes, any eyeshadow looks good, especially purple or blue. For green eyes, choose eyeshadows with red undertones, and for blue eyes, opt for eyeshadows with orange undertones.

    If you have heavy eye lids, apply a highlighter above the crease of your eyes. Then blend some eyeshadow to push back the heavy folding. For narrow-set eyes, apply a black eyeliner to the outer half of your lower and upper lash lines. This will elongate your eyes and emphasize it. For small eyes, apply a beige eyeliner to the lower inner rim to make your eyes pop out. Afterward, use a black pencil eyeliner on your entire lower and upper lash lines. Blend the eyeliner with the eyeshadow as you go outward. To lengthen and sharpen your eyes, use a black pencil eyeliner on the upper inner rim surrounding your eye.

  6. Pump Up Your Lips: Apply foundation to area around your lips. With a white eyeliner pencil, line the contour of your exaggerated lips. Afterward, you can use a lip pencil as well. Using a lip brush, apply lipstick downward from the Cupid’s bow to each outer corner of your lips. Then apply a light base foundation around your new lip line as you blend it to a soft edge using a lip brush.

With practice you’ll master how to put on makeup like a pro before your next big date, presentation, or event. Remember to invest on the right makeup tools and products that work best for your skin. Use makeup to emphasize the best features of your face and hide imperfections. Indulge in various colors of eyeshadows, blush, and lipstick so you can be ready for any occasion. So go ahead, prettify yourself and discover the wonders of makeup!


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