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how to put up Christmas lights

how to put up Christmas lights

There’s nothing better than that time of the year when, everywhere you look, there are stunningly beautiful houses, shops and other buildings decorated with different kinds of lights. Inside, everything is equally beautiful with all the ornaments and the tree adorned with lights. Yes indeed, it goes without saying that it is Christmas time - the time where we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Every household wants to participate in this festive mood by putting up the best decorations they can come up with. This is why it is important that you know how to put up Christmas lights properly and creatively. Christmas lights, with their twinkling effect, can certainly jazz up any household. There are many different kinds of lights available in various sizes, from small to medium to large and even bigger. There are also different shapes, like pointed, round and star shaped, all in a wide range of colors. There are the traditional red, yellow, green and blue plus there are lights in pink, orange and even purple. When putting up Christmas lights, you have to plan and design carefully.

One can’t just put up the lights. Either it could look half-hearted and lousy or you will have to do it again, thus wasting a lot of time. Here are some ways to do it.

  1. The first thing to do is decide where you are going to put the lights. Will you be outlining the fireplace, the windows, the stairs or the roof? Deciding where to place them will be helpful preparation for putting them up later on.

  2. Once you have decided where, plan a design. Do you prefer blinking lights or not. Multi-colored or just one color.  You can make a small sketch of the area where you want them, then design. From there, you then buy the appropriate Christmas lights in your chosen colors, length and size. If they are to be outdoors, make sure that the lights are designed for outdoor use.

  3. Check where your  power outlets are, in and out of the house.  You cannot put up the lights if there are no outlets nearby.  There are very few outlets on the outside, so make sure that you check thoroughly. If you don’t have an external power source, ask a professional electrician to install one. It is always advisable to use a main outlet rather than extension cords, but if you do, just as with the lights themselves, make sure that it is rated for outdoor use.

  4. Check the Christmas lights that you are to use. Plug them in to make sure that all the tiny bulbs are working, especially if you are using old ones. Make sure that the cords are all intact with no breaks, worn insulation or other openings.

  5. When working outside, especially on the roof edges, you will need a sturdy ladder. Starting from one end put the lights up and secure then with plastic clips. It’s always better to work with someone so that you can get the help that you need handling the tools and also to check from a distance to ensure the lights are put up properly.

  6. Be careful to avoid damage to your house from using tools that may leave permanent marks. Ask at your nearby hardware store for advice on appropriate tools.

  7. Check that the lights are all straight (or curved if that is your design) and are evenly distributed. When you’re all done, plug the lights in to see if the effect is what you had in mind. For best results, check them once the sun has set and it is dark.

Christmastime is a fun, exciting and happy season each year. The effort that everybody makes to make sure that it will be as memorable as the years gone by is priceless. Even once you know how to put up Christmas lights, it can be a bit tiring, but if the whole family helps, it can also be really fun!


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