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How to Raise a Baby Bird

How to Raise a Baby Bird

Have you ever been confronted by a circumstance that is hard to ignore, like finding a helpless baby bird in your backyard?  Naturally, you will feel sorry for this little creature. Rescuing it right away is probably the best thing to do – but do you know how to raise a baby bird? Doing so requires delicate commitment.  Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Gently pick the baby bird up and place it in your palm. It is better to put on gloves before touching the bird. It will protect you from any diseases that the bird is possibly carrying. It is unknown where the bird came from and what it went through; therefore, it is more important to protect yourself first.

  2. Observe the present condition of the bird. Check for life-threatening injuries that need immediate medical attention. Take it to the nearest animal care center for medical assistance. However, if the baby bird is quite healthy but can’t fly due to its under-developed feathers, look around, perhaps the mother is just in the nearby nest. If this is the case, expect that the mother is searching for it.

    the baby bird stay for a while outside your house or in a safe area where you found it. Wait for a while before deciding to make a move.

  3. Take a shoe box and arrange some paper towels around the box. The baby bird needs a warm and cozy place. Put the box in a dry area, away from the kitchen and air-conditioned rooms.  Prepare a small lamp to provide the bird with warmer temperatures.  Make sure that the bird is comfortable with the heat of the lamp.  If it is too hot for it, you may adjust the lamp farther from the bird. Clean its area every day to protect it from any diseases.

  4. Feed the baby bird with the right kinds and adequate amounts of food. There are feeds available exclusively for baby birds. They are available in pet shops. Corn meals and cereals are easy foods to prepare for the baby bird. You may need a syringe or medicine dropper to administer the correct measurement of food and water for the bird. Prepare a small amount of cereal and mix with lukewarm water. Mix carefully using a spoon. Take an adequate amount of the mixture and add it to a medicine dropper or syringe. Remove the baby bird from the box and place it in your palm to start feeding it. Give the baby bird enough water to swallow its food. Feed the baby bird three to four times daily. Make a chart of the feeding schedule to avoid over- feeding.

  5. Give the baby bird the proper care and love it needs. Your time and dedication is valuable in taking care of it. A helpless baby bird needs immediate care and attention. Consider contacting professionals who usually monitor abandoned animals if you do not have time to care for it yourself. They are very reliable, even if they are just advising you.

How to raise a baby bird is such an exciting endeavor. It teaches you to be responsible and committed to the preservation of life.  Remember, there are laws concerning taking animals into your possession. Check these local laws. It is safer to have the permission and legal advice of designated authorities.


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