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How to Raise a Baby Bird by Hand

How to Raise a Baby Bird by Hand

Baby birds are very fragile.  They normally have a slim chance to survive if just left on their own. They are prone to contracting diseases in a cold and dirty environment.  They are likened to our new born babies - they need care and warmth.  When a baby bird is weaned from the mother bird, you have to learn how to raise a baby bird by hand and these are some valuable ideas:

  1. Prepare your own nursery for your baby bird.  An old or leaking aquarium can be utilized when not storing water in it. Make a warm flooring of any dry clothing topped with paper towels.  When dirty, the paper towels can just be disposed of and the old clothing is washable. Make sure your aquarium has a net cover to ensure that the baby bird cannot fly away when capable. You can improvise on this using an old net measured to the actual opening of the aquarium and secured on a frame made of wood or any material available.

  2. The most important thing with baby birds is feeding them. Prepare a dropper or a syringe. Ask the local veterinarian about the right formula to buy for the particular species of baby bird that you have.

    powder should be mixed with water and liquid enough to pass through the dropper or syringe, but not too sticky that it could choke your baby bird.  Bear in mind that during the first feeding, the baby bird will be adjusting to it, so do it very carefully.

  3. Be patient when caring for your baby birds.  Their feeding should be on regular intervals and their living area should be kept really clean to avoid disease and infections. When feeding, the amount of formula should be in moderation. It is best to give them warm formula but make sure it is a tolerable temperature for them.  When feeding, hold the bird securely with your hand and use your thumb to gently open the bird’s beak. Press the dropper or syringe to release enough of the formula and release the beak to allow the bird to swallow. Repeat as necessary until the baby bird is full.  Do not over feed.

  4. Observe the baby bird’s reaction to your feeding and handling.  Learn to understand their body language and indicators that they are comfortable, irritable, hurt or sick. If anything comes up that is unfamiliar to you, ask your local veterinarian for his opinion or maybe have him check your baby bird.

  5. Make your baby bird feel your warmth and care by caressing its back or slightly scratching its head. At the start you might feel their resistance, but eventually they will relax to your touch and will understand your caring gestures.

How to raise a baby bird by hand requires a lot of patience and care.  The rewards will come later when you see the baby bird getting bigger, stronger and capable of living on its own.


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