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How to Raise a Chicken

How to Raise a Chicken

It’s sometimes bizarre to think that animals for food can be pets, but this is happening in the world today. Raising chickens in a poultry farm is normally for chicken meat and eggs but how to raise a chicken for a pet is a different story. Read through the following instructions on how to make a chicken your household companion – and for sure, you won’t let it end up on your kitchen table when the time comes:

  1. Chicks are very cute; that’s why children can mistake them as toys. As adults, we better not allow this because its cruelty to the animals – but if you want to take home a chick that is only a few days old, be gentle in handling it. Choose the one that has dried itself of the wetness from its egg. Place it on your lap like any domesticated pet and stroke its tiny head to let it get used to you. You can feel that it is becoming comfortable with you as it allows its eyes to close. This should be a regular routine for you and your chick.

  2. Place the chick in a cage with feeds appropriate to its age and fresh water.

    hase one of those feed dispensers with a built-in lamp in between. This will keep the chick warm at night or during the cold season. Secure it inside the cage when you’re not around because it can be harmed by other animals like cats and dogs. Always free its cage from its wastes by cleaning it on a daily basis. At around two weeks old, it will develop some feathers and will become more active.

  3. When it gets bigger around five weeks old, you can expose your chick outside the house. Make sure that you are always on guard when you let it roam around by foot. It could be chased by more ferocious dogs and cats. If you are not so sure about its safety outdoors, just let it watch outdoor activities while sitting on your lap.

  4. At seven weeks old, your pet chicken is not that fragile anymore; it’s a lot bigger at this age and it is strong enough to defend itself. Continue the bonding moments with your pet and always call its name – you will be so pleased seeing it jumping with joy upon hearing your voice. It is likely to jump into your lap without being told.

  5. From eight weeks old and above, you and your pet will be so inclined to your daily routine that you have to be ready to accept that it will want more company than you when it reaches maturity. It will want a mate.

  6. If you leave your pet to hang around in the backyard with other hens and roosters, it will start mating when it’s 21 weeks old or above. Your lovely chicken may not be the same as before with all its noise and messy activities, but expect it to lay eggs when it’s 25 weeks old.

You’ll never feel lonely if you go through the stages on how to raise a chicken as a pet. Just don’t forget that your pet is still a chicken, and it will continue to live the life cycle of a chicken – despite being with humans for a long time.


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