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How to Raise a Goat

How to Raise a Goat

Raising goats can be a fulfilling hobby and a profitable business as well. They are easy to take care of, and the cost of raising them is very minimal.  Among other animals grown for meat or for pets, they are the ones who are least vulnerable to sickness. These are some valuable tips on how to raise a goat:

  1. Study the project thoroughly. You can research various reading materials in books, magazines and even online. You can also talk to people who are experienced goat raisers and ask for their advice on your new endeavor. Your vet can also give you the basic procedures in caring and feeding.

  2. Build a pen the size intended for the number of goats you want to raise. Make this tidy, warm and secure. Make sure the walls made of chicken wire are strengthened with wooden posts and are high enough so the goats cannot climb over. Make sure there is proper drainage for cleaning and the feeding area is sufficient enough for the number of goats.

  3. Ask a knowledgeable person to choose your initial livestock.

    Preferably choose one male and three female and let the breeding procedure begin as soon as they are settled. You can expect two goat kids each from each female goat, and they give birth once a year. Right away, you will have a herd of 10 including the three goats (mothers) and the buck (father) goat.

  4. Consult your vet for the proper vitamins, minerals and feeding for the conceiving female goats to be assured healthy offspring. When it is time for the mother goats to give birth, be there to be of immediate assistance in case of complications.

  5. Mother goats take care of their young, so it is not much of a hassle for you after the young goats are born. Their instincts are natural, just make sure the mother goats are being fed well so they can regain their strength and be strong enough to care for newly born kids.

  6. Make sure feeding is regular and at almost the same time each day. You can secure some hay just in case your land cannot accommodate their food requirements. If they are raised for meat, it is important for them to be fed well. If this is just for a hobby, you can come up with a moderate feeding schedule. Supplements may be given as needed and as per your vet’s recommendation.

  7. Keep the goats tidy by cleaning off their bodies with a warm and damp cloth. Keeping them clean at all times will make them less likely to contract any diseases, and they will have very strong immune systems. This will also save you money for needed medication when they get sick.

  8. When the young goats are grown, you can easily sell them for a good profit as the cost of raising them is relatively cheap. Should you need to add some more mother goats, you can get another male goat as the ideal ratio of male to female is one to three. Get new goats from another source to make sure they are not related.

How to raise a goat is an activity you will soon enjoy. This is also a good business to get into as the demand is always there and the cost of raising them is not much. Although most goats are raised for meat, some still raise them as pets and include them in goat competitions or shows.


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