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How to Raise Baby Cockatiels

How to Raise Baby Cockatiels

Baby cockatiels are very cute creatures that are commonly mistaken as suitable pets for children. The young cockatiels are prone to contagious diseases and need to be cared for by an adult and preferably by their mother cockatiels. There are proper measures on how to raise baby cockatiels – and these steps must be taken seriously for their survival:

  1. Know more about cockatiels. These amazing birds belong to the parrot family, that’s why they can learn to imitate sounds. They are smaller than the parrot and they don’t sound like them. Their tails are pointed and the sex can be distinguished by their faces. Male cockatiels are brighter from the forehead up to the chest. They normally have yellow colors in these parts, unlike their female counterparts.

  2. It is much easier to raise baby cockatiels together with their parents. So, do not bring home the babies without the mother and father cockatiels if you want a guarantee for their survival. Their parents will know how to feed them and keep them away from infection-causing bacteria.

    tural immunity can only be transferred by mother cockatiels to their babies. There are formulated products that allow you to feed baby cockatiels, but they won’t be as effective as natural means.

  3.  You can also take the survival of the baby cockatiels into your hands by using the best feeding formulas available. It’s deadly for them to be fed with over 106 degrees Fahrenheit formulated feed. Do not feed the baby cockatiels without monitoring the temperature of the formula first. Use a thermometer for accurate measurements.

  4. Cockatiels are prone to respiratory infections, so clearing the area from strongly scented chemicals is advised. They must not be exposed to harmful elements from the kitchen or bathroom. Find a sheltered place for them in the household where they can have fresh air. Be careful in placing them near the streets. Pollution from vehicles can also affect their health.

  5. Stay away from your young cockatiels when you are sick. For example, they can immediately catch cold because their immune systems are weak. Under normal circumstances, it is even ideal to wear gloves or sanitize your hands before making contacts with these baby birds. Delicate handling must be observed so that you can watch these baby cockatiels grow into adult birds.

  6. If you are not up to giving the proper care needed by baby cockatiels, you might as well get a full grown bird. They are easier to take care of and they have better chances of surviving under normal conditions. Your adjustments will be more on behavioral matters, rather than procedural in taming the newly acquired cockatiels.

It is necessary to learn more about how to raise baby cockatiels before doing so. This will save you from having casualties. Remember that they have lives that must be nurtured also. Treating them as toys must be avoided. Once you are successful in letting them grow into beautiful full-grown cockatiels, start teaching them how to talk. They are interactive and will surely make your family bonding more exciting – with the cockatiels as the newest additions.


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