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How to Raise Cattle

How to Raise Cattle

Raising cattle is said to be a cost- effective source of income for the family. If you have the potential for a cattle farm, be enthusiastic to learn the proper ways on how to raise cattle. The following details will be useful for this project:

  1. Determine the kind of cattle you plan to raise.  You may think of raising beef cattle to breed and sell livestock, dairy cattle for a nutritious milk supply, or grass-fed cattle that provide quality meat.

  2. Assign a good pasture for your cattle. Cattle food is not a problem at all; grasses are all around. However, make sure that you can sustain the required amount of food they need every day. Take the cattle into different areas of your field to expose them to fresh grasses enriched with high nutrients. You may also raise chickens at the same time. They are helpful in fertilizing the grasses in the field by scattering the cattle’s manure on the ground while looking for their own food.

  3. Invest in several good cattle breeds and high quality bulls.

    hese are the keys in achieving profitable dairy cattle. Make sure that you are determined to complete this project because it involves big amounts of money. Nurture the cattle with quality food. You may consult a professional to learn more about the different foods for your cattle. In the long run, the cows that you initially purchased will soon be productive and will increase in number, which allows you to give discounts to regular customers, making your business more competitive in the market.

  4. Consider grass-fed cattle. They require less effort and are very economical. These kinds of cattle have the best meat. Before you plan to buy breeds, make sure to choose the kind that will flourish on grass. Grass-fed cattle need healthy green grasses that are rich in protein and legumes. You must also anticipate different seasons to make sure that they have sufficient supplies of nourishing foods. Save enough hay for their food during winter; pastures will all be frozen during the cold season. Give them starch protein food for their supplement during summer because the grasses in the field will not have enough nutrients during this season. Set-up a water tank that will supply the cattle with sufficient amounts of water.

  5. Dairy cattle are fun to nurture. Take a young female calf. Choose the one that came from a high-quality genetic line of dairy cows. Bottle feed the calf after it is weaned from its mother. Give it the best care and treat it like a pet. Bond with it while feeding and always touch its belly lovingly – this, of course, is for its future function to produce milk. If the heifer reaches its first heat cycle, it is ready to breed probably around its 12th or 15th month of life. When it gets pregnant, it will give birth on its 38th week of pregnancy. It will produce milk for 305 days for your benefit. After several months, your dairy cow will breed again and will continue breeding as long as it’s healthy.

How to raise cattle is such an interesting task. It is a prosperous job, and it won’t demand too much maintenance; however, it requires time, investments and commitment.  Have the courage and ability to become a successful cattle farm owner by studying more about it.


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