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How to Raise Cattle for Profit

How to Raise Cattle for Profit

Cattle are large animals that produce a high percentage of the milk and other dairy products in the world. The meat that cattle produce is also one of the most expensive, yet sought after kind. Because of these reasons, a lot of breeders and ranch owners have to understand how to raise cattle for profit. Learning the right way to do this does not happen overnight. You have to experience the hardships and successes of ranching for profit. Here are some simple know-how steps to effectively and profitably raise your cattle.

  1. Start with a few heads. If you are raising cattle for the first time, it is not appropriate to gamble with many heads right away. Test your ground first with a few cattle heads. When the profit is good, slowly add a few more heads until it becomes a steady source of income for you. Scout or look around your area for good sources where you can purchase starting calves that you can raise and tend until they become worthy to be sold.

  2. Provide shelter for your cattle. Although cows prefer to be left out on the field and use the bodies of their mothers for safety, it is always better to provide them with a shelter where they can run to for protection from the heat or the rain.

    As long as the shelter allows the free passage of air, the cattle will live in it. Use strong and heavy materials to fence the field where your cattle may roam.

  3. Constantly supply water and do not allow containers to run dry. Cattle are large animals and can consume a heavy amount of water in a day. Use large containers to accommodate the amount of water that you provide your cattle. On average, a cow can gulp up to 12 gallons in a day; however, you can go beyond this measurement, especially during the warmer seasons, to ensure that they are not dehydrated.

  4. Select a well blended pasture. The growth of your cattle will depend on the kind of pasture you give them. When unsure which mixture to give a growing calf, consult the local veterinarian for these types of animals. Do not rely on what you think is appropriate without consulting the experts. As a rule of thumb, you should have more grass for your cattle to graze on than the number of cattle heads.

  5. Pick out the best type of hay. Your cattle heads need quality hay to growth sufficiently. One of the most expensive kinds of hay is alfalfa, which is also best in producing quality beef meat. Most ranch owners recommend alfalfa because of the digestive nutrients, vitamins and minerals found in them. It is still your prerogative, however, to provide other kinds of hay, such as soybean and sweet clover, which equals the quality of nutrition in alfalfa.

  6. Lastly, secure ground feed for your cattle. The feed that you give your cattle must be a mixture of hay and other ground feed for complete nutrition. Ready enough salt to add to the mixture as it is best in promoting good health and well-being in calves.

You will enjoy the return of your investment when you have properly practiced how to raise cattle for profit. The ways in which you provide for their needs will surely return to you when you are able to sell them at higher prices with less expenditure.


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