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How to Raise Chickens for Eggs

How to Raise Chickens for Eggs

A lot of people are now trying to live healthy by doing activities that can minimize stress. Many are exploring the possibilities on how to raise chickens for eggs. This is very viable if you have the space for it. Remember that hens can be very loud when laying their eggs. Here are chicken raising tips that can keep you out of trouble:

  1. Be aware of the local rules and regulations as far as chicken-raising is concerned before starting anything. It is not advisable to have them in residential areas, but if you think that your property can be isolated from your neighbors, consider the noise as well. You do not want to disturb anyone.

  2. If you are determined to make this a serious business in the near future, you better find the right location for your egg farm in the beginning. It does not have to be big, as long as it is away from dwellings. Assemble wood and wire fences so that chickens can roam around when the weather is fine.

  3. Aside from the egg-laying cages, you should also build them a temporary shelter with a roof and walls made of light materials but open all the time.

    You will also need a removable door that you can just install by sliding it in, which is necessary to keep them warm and safe during really bad weather. Make sure that it is equipped with electricity for the lighting, which can also warm them up. A heating device may be needed when there’s freezing cold.

  4. Choose from among these egg-laying breeds for better production: White Leghorn, the Reds from Rhode Island, Black Star, Plymouth Rocks and Light Sussex. If you are raising these chickens just for your family’s egg supply, don’t raise more than four chickens if you have the typical American family. If you intend to sell the rest, raise more according to the size of your farming facility.

  5. Make sure to get feeds for egg-laying chickens. Starter feeds up to six weeks old is ideal, then switch to layer feeds. This has extra calcium and protein, which is good for the build-up of egg shells. Aside from giving them vitamins and minerals for strong immunity against diseases, allow them to dig for worms and hunt for insects. Their egg production will be excellent if these pests are part of their diet. This can decrease their feed consumption, making their supplies more affordable for you.

  6. Always give them fresh water and clean their areas regularly. Filthy places can invite flies and other disease-carriers. Create a compost pit for their wastes. This is also good for the soil. Chicken coops must be situated where there can be direct exposure to the sun. It’s helpful to dry up wet chickens, and it is also a natural disinfectant for them.

How to raise chickens for eggs can be very interesting and fulfilling. Just make sure that you avail of the vaccinations, so that your herds can’t be affected by plagues.


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