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How to Raise Chickens for Meat

How to Raise Chickens for Meat

The ways of raising chickens depend on your overall goal. Basically, how to raise chickens for meat is concentrated on feeding the flock more - to have more harvest in the slaughterhouse. It also revolves around the choices made, like choosing the right breed, appropriate feeds and ideal environment. For example, broiler chickens do not need the same activities that other chickens do – for one thing, it’s difficult for them to move with their heavy bodies. They are just confined to their cages most of the time, but you have to do regular feedings and other tasks.

  1. Broilers or Cornish X is the chicken breed that yields heavier and bigger meat. Also known as Cornish Cross, this is the kind of chicken that meets the U.S. meat standard. Buy them from notable chicken farms to get the assurance that you have the right kind. Other chickens will not gain weight as fast as Broilers.

  2. Build chicken cages that can immediately separate their wastes to the level below the surface of their cage’s flooring.

    is will also make your job easier when you do not have to move them all before you can clean these cages. Furnish there confinement with dual purpose heat lamps – to light them up when it gets dark and to keep them warm, especially when the weather is cold.

  3. Feed the chickens with the right feeds according to their age. Broiler starter is appropriate during the early stage. Young chicks can easily pick up the feeds because the granules are smaller in size. This feed has immunity boosters that can protect them from illnesses and ill effects of stress due to abrupt climate change, vaccine elements and other movements. Switch to broiler finisher after the one kilogram mark to enhance protein supplies for more weight gain.

  4. Continue to upgrade their feeds based on the veterinarian’s recommendations. Also consider giving them preventive medications to avoid massive loss that might be brought by a plague.

  5. Give them a comfortable arrangement in their cages or, if you have a fenced backyard, allow them to roam around on their own when they are bigger. They can hunt for insects, field mice and worms as added sources of nutrients. These can be their supplements, but their regular feeds must also be carried out to achieve the weight increase.

  6. After about two months, you will notice they have difficulty walking and are sort of grumpy; it’s time for them to be slaughtered. Take them to your contracted slaughter house and bring a cooling device to store the dressed chickens properly. Deliver them fresh to your retailer if you are selling them, but place them in a freezer in your household if they are for home consumption only.

If you have the know-how, space and resources on how to raise chickens for meat, this can be done with utmost care. If you are a beginner, start with a manageable number of chickens first. You can then increase the number after a successful attempt.


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