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How to Raise Cows for Meat

How to Raise Cows for Meat

Raising cows for meat is not an easy job. It requires a lot of patience, perseverance and good planning.  It is also a costly project to undertake as the price of a young calf alone is quite high.  It takes a long time for the calves to grow big enough to be slaughtered for meat, which means your capital is retained until this time arrives. Here are some pointers to consider on how to raise cows for meat:

  1. Choose the right breed of cow for meat purposes.  There are basically two types, and the other option would be for milking. Make sure you get the right one to achieve the purpose of your project. You can consult a veterinarian or an experienced person for this – one who has vast experience with cows. Choosing the wrong breed would mean not achieving much for the purpose of producing meat or milk.

  2. Provide wide and fertile grassland for grazing. Keep the ratio at three cows for every acre, but more land would be much better. Let your cows graze on one portion of land first to allow the grasses to grow on the other half.

    ft them back and forth, based on the availability of the grass. This will give them fresh grasses to feed on every time without depleting the whole grassland. Source out hay whenever your grassland is not substantial for the number of cows you raise, especially when they have started growing larger.

  3. Consult your veterinarian on the shots and immunization needed. Deworming is a must to assure good health and a faster growth rate for your cows. It is not advisable to inject hormones, especially since the cows are been grown for meat.  The more natural, the better.

  4. Make sure your land is fenced and the fence is tall enough that the cows won’t have the chance to go beyond your property.  You can mark them for proper identification in case this happens. It can be in the form of ear tags or tattoo markings on a part of their bodies.

  5. Provide shade for your cows, especially during summer days when the heat is too much. They need to hydrate themselves too to avoid heatstroke.  It is not only humans who can suffer from this condition during intense heat. Most animals left in the open are in the same danger, so be ready with preventive measures.

  6. Be observant on the growth rate and health conditions of your cows on a day to day basis. Spotting a health problem earlier can save you from trouble and possible loss - so always be sensitive to their behaviors and movements. Make sure you get enough input from resource persons to assure their total wellbeing.

As your cows continue to grow, there is not much you need to do but feed and keep them healthy. This will allow you more time to divert your attention to other important matters. Being equipped with the pointers on how to raise cows for meat will give you confidence that you are doing the right thing to achieve your goal.  It is also good to start with just a few heads first - just to gain experience.  You can expand and add some more later on as long as your land can substantially provide for their feeding needs.


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