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How to Raise Goats for Profit

How to Raise Goats for Profit

Raising goats has become a very popular hobby among farmers because of the potential for them to make a good profit. The demand for goat meat has substantially increased over the years and so has demand for goat milk for consumption and for making cheese. There is no better way to be assured of success than personally learning how to raise goats for profit. These are some valuable tips for you to seriously consider:

  1. Study the characteristics of goats by reading reference materials and talking to people who have actual experience in raising goats. Take note of all the things you will need and the capital outlay that you will have to raise in order to make it prosper. It is important to know the basics yourself.

  2. Study the market in your area before you get started on this new endeavor. Although it has been proven to be profitable to raise goats, not having the demand or market when they are ready to be sold is a big problem. Make sure you know where to sell your products. You can inquire from your local market or from middlemen whose trade is to refer farmers to ready buyers of their livestock.

    Be aware of the present market price so you can negotiate to your advantage.

  3. Make a pen to protect your goats from the weather. Follow the recommended size from your reference materials. It is also important to have a ready pasture for them to feed on. If they are raised for meat, regular feeding should be followed so they will grow fast and healthy. Raising them along with similar animals like sheep and cattle is perfectly fine. Cows don’t feed on grass that goats need, so there is not much competition.

  4. Ask an experienced person to choose the breed that you should acquire. Not having the right breed will not give you good results. If your goal is the meat, there are several varieties to choose from. If for milk, determine whether it is for quantity or for the quality, and get the right breeds for the intended purpose.

  5. Follow the recommended medications prescribed by your vet, especially the vaccinations and deworming medications against internal and external parasites. As your product is for human consumption, be careful with the medications. This should be equally safe for human health.

  6. Maintenance for goats is not tedious after you have provided the basics like shelter and food. All you need to do is wait for your goats to grow and, in the process, maintain the cleanliness of their bodies and environment. They should be kept warm during the very cold season as they can contract common respiratory diseases.

Experiences in raising goats vary, and you need to be really serious in this business as some capital is at risk, not to mention the time and effort you’ll be spending on the project. The expected profit against cost is about 60 percent, which is really very substantial and worth the risk and the hard work. How to raise goats for profit is a good motivation for first timers to engage in farming as the risks are not too high. You can start with a small number of goats and gradually increase along with gaining the experience. Furthermore, goat meat and milk are healthy sources of nutrients.


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