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How to Raise Pygmy Goats

How to Raise Pygmy Goats

Raising pygmy goats has added benefits.  Aside from their milk and meat, they make good pets as they are huggable, cute and have a playful and friendly nature. You cannot help but like them a lot and treat them like any other household pets. These are helpful tips for you on how to raise pygmy goats:

  1. Make sure to provide a pen for them as protection from bad weather. Make it big enough to give them room for playing as they are noted to be playful animals. Also make sure they are kept warm during the winters, so they won’t develop any respiratory diseases. Keeping their area tidy is a must, to avoid any infections or diseases brought about by an unclean environment. Take out their waste and spread it in the grassland or pasture as this will serve as fertilizer.

  2. Keep a herd of at least two as pygmy goats are not used to thriving alone. They need the company of fellow pygmy goats to keep them emotionally balanced. Make sure the space you provided for them is not crowded.

  3. Make sure that your herd of pygmy goats has access to fresh water to keep them hydrated.

    heir feeding should be consistent.  Feed them by allowing them to graze on your pasture or grassland regularly.  During the winters, give them goat feeds and other supplements to make sure they get the vitamins and minerals that their bodies need.

  4. Deworming of your pygmy goats is necessary when they are about six months old. This will ensure they don’t have parasites. Ask your vet about the necessary vaccines they will need to be assured of healthy growth and to protect their body from common diseases. If medication is needed, ask your vet to teach you how to administer it to the sick goat. It is important to also know what to do during emergencies.

  5. It is highly recommended that breeding of your pygmy goat be done only once a year.  This will ensure healthy and normal baby goats for you. This will further give the mother goats, or does, ample time to recover to prepare for the next breeding in the following year. Female pygmy goats are bred when they are at least 18 months old. Also take note of the space needed for breeding.

  6. Provide some toys for your herd of pygmy goats as they really are very playful.  Plastic things will serve the purpose, and they have a tendency to bite on them. It is also good to spend some play time with them to make them feel you care for them. It will make them confident and relaxed having you around them.

  7. If your goal is for meat make sure your herd is fed regularly to make them grow and gain weight fast. If for milking, proper feeding is necessary with all the needed supplements to make sure the lactating does are kept healthy to produce more milk for a longer period of time.

How to raise pygmy goats requires your tender care along with the time and effort.  Surely, farming will not only be profitable, but also a fun activity for you and your family.


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