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how to read the bible

how to read the bible

The Holy Bible is the foundation of Christianity. It contains many different books written by various followers of God. It is divided into two testaments: the Old and New Testament. Therefore, learning how to read the Bible correctly is important for Christians since many Christians do not know how to read the Bible or rather do not know how to fully understand it. Here are the steps you can follow to gain a better understanding of the Bible.

  1. Nurture the desire to know your Christian faith more deeply. That will serve as your primary motivational force as you read the Bible and will fuel your drive to engage in a more cerebral reading of the Holy Book.

  2. Pray before reading the Bible. Solemnly pray to God and ask for His wisdom so you may be guided accordingly. Do not just lean on your own understanding. Seek God first to increase your wisdom and knowledge.

  3. Select a style and method of reading.

    Choose an approach of how to go about with your Bible reading. You can choose to read it chapter by chapter, book by book, topic by topic, and so on. You may also want to have a notebook and pen beside you so you can take note of verses or chapters that you’d like to go back to later on. By having a systematic approach in reading the Bible, your readings will be more interesting.

  4. Devote time to read. Reading the Bible requires time. Allocate a certain time period for some serious reading. No matter the length of time you read, what is most important is that you read and understand God’s message to you.

  5. Read in a quiet space where you can concentrate and meditate on the word of God.

  6. Read with references. To make your readings of the Holy Scripture more informative, it is best to read commentary, related texts, or books that have real-life reflections on a particular verse or story in the Bible.

Reading the bible and understanding it is a necessary to deepen your faith in God. You will never become a better Christian if you don’t read the Bible. The journey of knowing your Christian faith better starts by learning how to read the Bible. It may take time, but if you have the heart and the patience to do it, you will become learned in your faith and eventually become a Christian with a strong devotion to God. Read the Holy Bible in high spirits.


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