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how to record from digital TV

how to record from digital TV

The use of standard, analog television is no longer applicable since the 17th of February, 2009, when TV broadcasting in America switched to digital from the traditional, or old analog system. There are now HD-TV sets and new digital recorders and receivers available on the market. Just as you already know how to make use of the previous standard television broadcasts, you can also learn how to record from digital TV in a much less complicated way. There are several choices open to you when recording from digital television. For the purposes of this article, let us study at least four options that you can use – digital conversion boxes, DVD recorders, DVR (digital video recorders), and personal computers.

  1. Using your digital conversion box. TV viewers now need this kind of box to receive digital TV transmissions and convert them into an analog TV signal. In effect, the digital conversion box actually functions as the television receiver.

    Your digital conversion box must have the capacity to record TV program that it receives.

    The idea is that you can record a show while watching it at the same time. Unplug your TV and the VCR so you can start setting them up along with the digital conversion box. Disconnect the coax antenna cable from the “Antenna In” port of the VCR and instead, plug it into the “Antenna In” port on the back of your digital converter box.

    Link another coax cable from the “Out to TV” port found at the back of your digital conversion box to the “Antenna In” at the rear of your VCR. At this time, you can safely plug your TV set, digital conversion box, and VCR into the nearest electrical outlet, and then power up all of them. Using channel 3 or 4, you are now ready to set the TV to the display video setting of the VCR. The remote control of the digital conversion box must be able to navigate digital TV programs.

    Tune the VCR specifically to channel 3 and set the start and stop times. Switch to the channel which is broadcasting the TV program you wish to record as shown on the digital conversion box. You now have the option to record the show even if the TV is powered off.

  2. Try using your DVD recorder. A DVD recorder machine can complete the whole recording process into a specific optical disk rather into an internal hard-disk. This unique capacity of the DVD recorder is most useful for archiving your favorite TV shows on DVD. Your other option, if recording a television show simply to for later viewing rather than for archiving, is to use a DVD-RW (rewritable DVD).

    Using a DVD recorder for copying digital TV broadcasts can be a little complicated. This is because DVDs have more options to choose from in terms of finalizing and formatting the finished disks.

  3. Using your DVR is another potential option. A digital video recorder (DVR) is a machine primarily intended to record and copy digital videos or television broadcasts. Notice that the newest cable receivers and digital satellite these days are themselves capable of recording digital transmissions. On the other hand, your DVR can store such recorded transmissions perfectly well onto an internal hard-disk. Such a disk has plenty of gigabytes of recording space. With your DVR, you can view a show that you have just recorded and choose to delete it later on.

    The beauty of the DVR recording process is that the digital broadcast copied onto the hard-disk is automatically indexed, which means that, no matter how many TV shows are already stored on there, locating one particular show is as easy as finding a particular file folder in your personal computer.

  4. Don’t forget your personal computer. Most computers nowadays are capable of being connected to digital appliances like HD-TV. The usual connections used are HDMI ports (high definition multi-media interface) or DVI ports (digital video interface). Both kinds of ports are often present in many HD-TV models.

    The only thing you have to remember if using this option is to install video-capture software on your computer so that the computer can successfully copy digital TV shows onto its hard-disk. If the DVD drive of your computer has disc-burning ability, you can easily transfer every recorded digital broadcast onto another writable optical-disk.

Now that we have identified a few options of how to record from digital TV, you should be able to decide which one is most appropriate for you. Of course, your choice will largely be dependent on the device or devices you have at hand.


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