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how to record TV programs on DVD

how to record TV programs on DVD

In life, there are just so many things that have to be done. Whether you are a mom, a student, or a businessman, that fact never changes. That is why it is always nice to have some flexibility in certain aspects of our life, such as watching our favorite shows on TV. It can be done if you know how to record TV programs on DVD. Recording TV programs on DVD is one of the many solutions to watching a show on your own time. You can record anything while cooking dinner or finishing up some work and then later on, when all is quiet, you can watch the show at a more relaxing and preferred time. However, the drawback with recording TV shows to DVD is that you have to turn on the TV and tune in to that particular show. You cannot watch another show while recording another. To record TV shows on DVD, follow these steps.

  1. Make plans on what you want to record. Know what time the show will air and make sure to have a blank disc. Lastly, be sure that the entire length of the program can fit on the disc.

  2. Prepare your DVD recorder and hook it up to your TV set.

    The wires are color coded so all you have to do is connect the corresponding wires to the same colored slot. There are three colors for your cable wires. You get the wire with the yellow tip, which is for the video, and insert it in the yellow slot. Same goes for the red and the white plugs, which are for audio.

  3. Set your DVD recorder and turn it on. Insert the blank disc inside the recorder. Depending on your availability, you can either wait for the show to start and begin the recording at the same time. Or you can also set the timer for it to record at a specific time that you want.

  4. Once the show is on, press the record button. You also have the option of pausing the recording during commercial breaks. This way, the program that you are recording does not have any commercials.

  5. If by any chance you do not have time to pause between breaks, you can always edit it later on to delete unwanted parts. Usually, commercial breaks occur every 10-15 minutes or so.

  6. Once the recording is done, place your copy in a case and label it. This will help you identify it later on when you need to watch it again. If you are making a collection, itÂ’s best to keep them in a separate DVD organizer.

Recording TV programs are easy to do, and anybody can do it. There are various kinds of DVD recorders, but the one thing they all have in common is that they give you quality pictures and sounds. All are relatively simple to use and take little effort. Knowing how to record TV programs on DVD can really make your life a little more convenient if you are an avid TV watcher.


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