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how to recycle computers

how to recycle computers

Computers are now largely indispensable. It’s difficult to get through a normal day without using some type of computer or similar device, and some people may actually experience withdrawal symptoms if forced to be away from a computer. But once a computer loses its usefulness, for example, if it no longer works or is too slow, what do you do with it? You cannot just throw a computer in the trash can. It carries important and sensitive information, including, passwords, financial info, etc., which can be very damaging in the hands of the wrong person. Also, computers have toxic components that can pose serious risk to the environment, which is all the more reason to learn how to recycle computers instead of throwing them away. Recycling, in this instance, means finding ways to put the computer, or its parts, back in circulation. Below are ways to safely reuse computers and avoid contributing to the mound of waste humans churn up daily.

  1. Refurbish. Check to see if it can use a little pick-me-up. Can some hardware be changed, replaced, or upgraded to add some more years to its lifespan if it hasn’t died completely? A little bit of work may get it up and running again for more use.


  2. Resurrect. Bring it back to life for another owner. You can give it to a relative, a charity organization, or donate it. Or you can sell it, trade it in, or swap it for something else.

  3. Regurgitate. Take out computer parts that you can use as a spare or give to someone who could use spare parts. There is usually something recoverable if you know how to find it.

  4. Reuse. Find new ways to put it to use. You can use it as a personal jukebox (connect it to some good speakers). Have it solely dedicated to playing mp3s all day long and as a hub for your entire music collection. You can use it as an oversize tabletop picture frame, endlessly looping photos of your adorable pets and storing all your photos safely without danger of them deleted by accident. You can put it on the kitchen counter for handy recipe storage, retrieval and viewing when needed.

All these methods on how to recycle computers are applicable when your computer still has some useful life left e. However, recycling e-waste in the trash disposal sense of the word is best left for professionals to do, not something to pass the time during an idle afternoon out in your backyard. If you want your computer recycled in this sense, then you can get information on the manufacturer’s website, or look for recycling companies or environmental organizations near you. There are a lot of places that will accept a computer for recycling for a small fee. However, before giving your computer out to be recycled, make sure all your data is wiped clean with a disk erasing utility.


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