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how to reduce calcium in the blood

how to reduce calcium in the blood

While a lack of calcium is unhealthy, bear in mind that excessive calcium can also lead to an electrolyte imbalance. It is called hypercalcemia. If you know how to increase your calcium intake, just do the reverse – and you are on your way to learning how to reduce calcium in the blood. Diseases like cancer and treatments using alkaline antacids, estrogens and prolonged use of diuretics also cause hypercalcemia.   High production of parathyroid gland hormones is one of the major causes of hypercalcemia. The parathyroid glands that are producing these hormones also regulate blood calcium. There are many more conditions that trigger this dysfunction, including kidney malfunctions, rickets and active parathyroid cancer. Conventional treatments are available for hypercalcemia, but you can assist the treatments by modifying your daily habits. Here are ways to make it happen:

  1. When you are diagnosed with hypercalcemia, it is best to temporarily stop your intake of calcium and vitamin supplements. Instead of making the body healthy, the supplements will just burden the kidneys and add more calcium contents in the blood – thus, worsening the condition.


  2. Your doctor may refer you to a physical therapist who can design an appropriate work-out routine for you. People with hypercalcemia are more likely to suffer from osteoporosis and bone fractures. Exercising lightly to support the build-up of bone density must still be facilitated to prevent the body from deteriorating further. Sessions to specifically strengthen the upper spine and arms are beneficial together with weight-bearing work-outs for the lower spine, legs and hips.

  3. Never allow yourself to dehydrate. Drink lots of water. Calcium levels tend to go up when the body is drying out. Allowing water therapy to clean up the excess calcium from the body will improve the functions of the kidneys tremendously.

  4. Stay away from calcium-rich foods. Abstain from milk, cheeses and yogurts. This is also not the time for kale, Swiss chard and lettuce. Be aware that some spices are calcium sources: peppermint leaves, thyme, basil and cinnamon do not have a place in your dishes for the time being.

  5. Listen carefully to the recommendations of your doctor regarding treatment options. Get a second opinion when in doubt. Research your options. Check out diuretics that are known to clean the system of excess calcium. You may have to undergo a drug therapy but do this only based on doctor’s orders.

  6. When bone is affected by cancerous cells, secretions of these damaged cells can damage the bone by making it weaker and ultimately dissolving a part of it in time. Bone pains, breakages, fractures and brittleness are the extent of these complications. Severe damages can take place not just because of the high levels of calcium in the blood, but also because of the fast-rising serum calcium.

Start implementing the suggested ways on how to reduce calcium in the blood when feeling the symptoms of hypercalcemia. Constipation, vomiting, no appetite and nausea can be felt during the initial stage of a mild case. Tiredness and fatigue can be observed when the condition is moderate.  Heart abnormalities, frequent urinating and kidney stones can also occur when the case is severe. Excess sleepiness, coma and finally death are the worst things that can happen to people with hypercalcemia.


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