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how to reduce calcium in the body

how to reduce calcium in the body

Learning how to reduce calcium in the body does not necessarily mean that you must cease your calcium intake. Calcium is badly needed by the body, despite the occurrence of some dysfunctions that calcium may cause. Calcinosis is a calcium deposit developed in the body’s soft tissues, resulting in pain and inflammation in the limbs. A person suffering from this would be hesitant in taking calcium-filled foods, but this should not be the case. Calcium is still needed to strengthen the bones. Calcium is found in two settings – some are tightly secured within the bone and others are just on the surface of the bone. Minerals are deposited in the skeletal system of the body. To avoid bone damage, the body borrows from calcium deposits when the supply drops. Learning how to reduce calcium in the body can be remedied by doing some specific movements. Here are some routines that will be able to help:

  1. Joint pains in the neck can be reduced by first positioning the head forward. Turn the head to the right slowly as you inhale, and exhale as you bring your head back to the center.

    o the same process for the left side of the head.

  2. The tissues in the arms are connected with the hands and fingers. Pain in the arms can be addressed by sitting on a comfortable chair with feet laid flat on the floor. Place both hands on the lap – palms up. Close your fingers slowly like making a fist and then open them again. Do this repeatedly after feeling relaxed in the affected area.

  3. Proceed in bending your arms, exposing the elbows with your fingers reaching the shoulders. Keeping your arms folded, do circular motions with your elbows and feel some relief.

  4. Raise both hands upward, stretching as high as you can. Then, bring them down slowly, landing your closed wrists on top of your lap.

  5. Still in a sitting position, with hands on your waist – bend the body sideways, first to the right as far as you can, and then bring the body back to the center. Follow the same manner when bending to the left.

  6. With hands on your hips, switch the body to the right to stretch it, and then do the same to the left. This should enhance the blood circulation. Ice the painful parts if you still feel discomfort.

  7. The supply of calcium to the body must not be interrupted in any phase of a normal person’s lifetime. Pregnant and lactating women will need more to replenish the loss of some calcium deposits used to nurture the fetus.

How to reduce calcium in the body should be done only by using the recommended exercises voluntarily as a pain reliever. Never aim to decrease calcium content physically. There are cases when the calcium supply automatically drops, such as in the cases of post-menopausal women and when the body is suffering from any other diseases. Calcium absorption can also be hindered by Vitamin D deficiency, lack of protein, insufficient magnesium and low phosphorous intake. Caffeinated drinks can also affect calcium processing in a negative way. The same as medications like antacids, diuretics and tetracycline.


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