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How to Reduce Underarm Sweat

How to Reduce Underarm Sweat

Everyone sweats, but there are people who sweat more than others. Unfortunately, a lot of apocrine—or sweat—glands are located under the arms, thus making everyone prone to some degree of underarm sweating. In fact, a lot of people experience this condition and can do nothing about it. They tend not to talk about it because it can be a little embarrassing. If you are one of these people who suffer from excessive underarm sweating, you will be happy to know that there are some things you can do in order to reduce the sweat under your arms. Gone are the days when you have to hide the sweat stains on your shirts. Here are some tips on how to reduce underarm sweat:

  1. Use deodorants and antiperspirants. There is a difference between these two, as deodorants act like perfumes that mask the odor that might arise when your armpits sweat. They are not like antiperspirants, which have ingredients to reduce the amount of sweat being produced by the sweat glands. It is better to use deodorants that are also antiperspirants, so that you can reduce the amount of sweat and prevent body odor at the same time.

    here are many brands of antiperspirants, and it usually depends on the person which one is the most effective for him/her. To know which brand works best for you, try as many as possible and observe their effects.

  2. Maintain good hygiene. The power of good hygiene should never be underestimated. You should take a shower at least once a day and clean your underarms thoroughly in the process. This can prevent excessive sweating as well as the development of body odor. It is also important to make sure that your armpits are free of hair, if you are a woman; if you are a man, and are uncomfortable with shaving your pits bare, you should at least consider keeping the hair trimmed neatly. This is because bacteria tend to accumulate in the hair, causing increased sweating and body odor.

  3. Use different home remedies. There are many household remedies that you can use to reduce underarm sweating. One of them is the use of talc powder on the armpits. Cover some cotton pads with baking soda and talc powder, and then apply them on your underarms to help prevent sweating. Drinking tomato juice once a day is also said to reduce underarm sweating. If you are also struggling with body odor, the application of lemon juice on your armpits after taking a shower can help prevent body odor. Just make sure to dry completely before applying a deodorant. Apple cider vinegar is another popular choice when it comes to excessive sweating. You may apply it directly to your armpits to prevent body odor, or you may take two teaspoons of vinegar together with two teaspoons of honey on an empty stomach thrice a day.

  4. Wear natural fabrics. The type of fabric that you wear matters because some fabrics absorb sweat better than others. There are also materials that cause more sweating because they prevent body heat from escaping. Wear natural fabrics like cotton to allow your skin to breathe. You should also take note of the color of your shirts, since dark colors become darker when wet, making underarm sweating more noticeable. If you can, use liners under your shirts.

  5. Watch your diet. Spicy foods generally make you sweat more, so you should avoid them. Stay away from caffeine and alcohol because they also raise your body temperature, hence producing more sweat. In addition, you should drink plenty of fluids, especially cold water, to manage your body temperature and keep it at a lower level.

Now that you know how to reduce underarm sweat, it will be easier for you to avoid embarrassing moments that happen because of excessive underarm sweating. It’s always best to learn how to take care of your body and to stay hygienic at all times.


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