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how to refinish Corian countertops

how to refinish Corian countertops

The increasing popularity of Corian for countertops is mainly due to the fact that it is elegant-looking, classy, and durable. However, over time and with continued use, scratches, blemishes, stains, and nicks can appear on its surface, but because Corian is a non-porous, solid material, all of the existing imperfections on the surface can be addressed with some sanding. In other words, rather than replacing it, you can instead study how to refinish Corian countertops. Let us see how.

  1. Collect all the things you will need. Before you start refinishing your Corian countertop, there are cleaning, sanding, and other refinishing items you need to prepare ahead of time. These include the following: grit sandpapers (preferably 800, 1000, and 1200), hand sander, towel, sponge, bottle spray of water, white-colored polishing paste and cleaning formula (preferably ammonia-based). Don’t forget your green-and-yellow scrub pad, the green side of which is more abrasive than the sponge-like texture of its yellow side.

  2. Empty and clean your countertop.

    Before you can completely clean your countertop, make sure there is no food debris, kitchen devices, or other items on the surface, then spray the whole surface with warm, soapy water or use your ammonia-based cleaning formula. Rinse with warm water and allow it to dry fully.

  3. Work on the minor scratches first. Use the green, abrasive side of your scrub to rub the minor scratches and lighter blemishes on your countertop. You should use a circular motion to evenly refine the surface. As you work, spray the surface with water once in a while. Notice that this rubbing technique can actually take away the layer of film on the countertop.

  4. Rinse the surface. Use the sponge to rinse the countertop with your cleaning formula. Closely inspect the countertop’s surface to make sure the light scratches have been removed by your initial scrubbing, then remove the excess water using a towel, and allow it to dry out fully before you go to the next step.

  5. Use the 1200 grit sandpaper. Of the sandpapers, the 1200 grit is the finest. Start working on the remaining scratches. While you sand, spray the surface with a small amount of water. This time, sand in a motion other than the circular pattern you used before. Make sure to leave no marks on the surface of your countertop. Continue scrubbing until you see that all scratches are no longer visible.

  6. Rinse the surface again. This time, you will need more water to rinse the entire surface of your countertop. Apply your ammonia-based cleaning formula again, then remove the excess water and leave the surface to dry.

  7. Blend the countertop’s surface. Spray the surface with small amount of water and continue sanding using the 1000 grit sandpaper. Make sure you cover the whole area. At this point, your sanding direction and strokes should be a little larger and wider because the objective is to blend all sanding lines made earlier. The wider the strokes, the more it will blend the sanded surface. Of course, next use the 800 grit sandpaper, using almost the same sanding motions as the previous ones.

  8. Create a matte finish on the surface. This time use the yellow side of your scrub pad. Carefully rub the whole surface area of your countertop. Repeat the scrubbing 2 to 3 times until you get the desired finish. This will prepare the countertop for the next and the last step, which is to bring a glossier finish and shiner look.

  9. Apply white polishing paste. Spread the paste just as if you were sanding the surface once again. Make your passes as large and as wide as possible to achieve a glossy look on your Corian countertop. Finally, wipe the paste residue off, using your dry towel, and experience a newer and much refreshed countertop.

DuPont, the manufacturer of Corian, made a huge improvement over laminate countertops. As we have discussed, many homeowners are convinced that the method of how to refinish Corian countertops is neither complicated nor backbreaking to accomplish. In your case, there is no reason why you cannot bring back the original attractiveness and the like-new colorful appearance to the surface of your Corian countertop.

Smarter than this guy Sep 26, 2014

Whoever wrote this is clueless and has never refinished anythingyou never start with the finest grit and work your way down. You start with the coarsest (800) and work your way UP! That's basic polishing 101, c'mon people...


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