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how to refinish kitchen countertops

how to refinish kitchen countertops

How to refinish kitchen countertops is on the minds of many homeowners. Most kitchen countertops, bench-tops, or worktops, are usually designed horizontally. As a working area, a kitchen countertop was developed during the earlier part of the 20thcentury, originally n assembled cabinetry carefully covered with a countertop. There are designers who install bar countertops, free-standing islands, table tops, and desk tops. The art of refinishing kitchen countertops became popular because it is much cheaper and cost-efficient than completely replacing the surface itself. Most homeowners, bar owners, and restaurant owners are inclined to refinishing their spaces as it will typically save them 40 to 50% over the replacement expense. The process of refinishing can be completed between 24 to 48hrs. Use the following guide to refinish your countertops.

  1. Thoroughly clean the countertop. At first, you can use mild detergent to remove dust, grime, and filth that have accumulated over time. Wipe the space using a cotton cloth.

    Shortly thereafter, apply denatured alcohol to completely clean the countertop from any grease or oil residue that can hinder the paint adhering. Use another clean cloth to dry it.

  2. Systematically sand the whole surface. Before sanding, make sure first that you have covered the edges of the walls, sink edges, faucets, and all other fixtures around the countertop with masking tape so they do get stained. First, use 120 grit sandpaper. Focus on the portions that seem rough and irregular. Avoid overdoing the sanding in order not to alter the level of the surface. Then get a damp cloth and slowly wipe the area to remove dust and dirt.

  3. Apply 2-layer primer coat with a paint brush. What is important is that you are able to cover the corner areas and all edges. The application of the primer coats has to be smooth. After the first, allow the coat to dry for a moment. After a while, apply the next second layer. This time, allow the entire surface to completely dry up.

  4. Sand again. Lightly sand the countertop just enough to promote the total adherence of your final coat. After sanding, get another damp cloth and thoroughly wipe the area clean of dust. Before the final coat, make sure that the whole surface is totally dry.

  5. Apply your final coat. For better results, after every application of acrylic paint and when the surface is dry, use 220 grit sandpaper to make the surface smoother before the next application. Like the earlier sanding steps, wipe off the dust.

  6. Allow the paint to settle. Completely allowing the surface to dry can take 2 days at most. You can use either marine varnish or polyurethane to seal your countertop. Advise every member in the family, especially the children, or your bar staff not to put anything on the surface until it’s fully dry.

There are no specific materials from which quality countertops are made of. The choice largely depends on the homeowner. This is because costly materials, sometimes, are not necessarily durable, stylish, trendy, or user-friendly. There are designers, however, who prefer creating or designing various types of countertops. Although refinishing is a relatively simple form of home renovation, it can be that you don’t want to compromise the texture and the appearance of your countertop. In the event that you are still unsure of how to refinish kitchen countertops, you better engage the services of a refinishing professional. By doing so, you can be certain that your surface will serve you well for another 5 to 10 long years.  


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