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How To Refinish Old Hardwood Floors

How To Refinish Old Hardwood Floors

Most homeowners these days are very eager to learn how to refinish old hardwood floors fast in their homes rather than spending money and engaging the services of a professional. What is important is doing the job right the first time so you don’t have to redo it or have a professional come in to fix your mistakes. Refinishing can make old hardwood floors look close to new again, but it will take time, patience, and a little know-how.

  1. Before you can start the refinishing process, you need the following items: finishing product, varnish stripper, sand paper and sanding machine, broom with fine strands, vinegar, wood bleach solution, and a piece of old cloth.

  2. Clear the area to be refinished. Move all furniture and other items, including obviously rugs or carpets, to a different room. Hammer any protruding nails back onto the floor. Remove all other tiny objects like staples, clips, stacks, and other similar small things.

  3. Take off the old varnish.

    You can choose between a varnish stripper and sanding. These two cleaning modes, although designed to removing old finish, are not entirely the same because each has its own set of considerations.

    If your wood floorings have a real thick varnish, then using varnish stripper is a good idea. Be aware that this talks much more time than sanding. If the old varnish seems thin, then sanding is a good option. After whichever method was used, look for any rough or uneven sections of the floor. Smoothen those using 20 or 36-grit sandpaper.

  4. Clean the floor. Thoroughly sweep to remove all dust and dirt.

  5. Remove any stains. Use any type of wood bleach and then rinse the affected area with vinegar. After that, carefully wipe the floor with a cottony cloth. When removing stains, make sure there is good ventilation. Open the windows so that the air can help completely dry the hardwood floor.

  6. Apply the finishing. The most common finishing used on hardwood floors is polyurethane, which must be stirred before using. Avoid shaking the solution so as not to create bubbles. Use a roller brush to apply the finish. Put on a first coat and let it dry for a while. Then apply a second coat. Let it dry at least overnight. The third application can be done lightly as a finishing touch. After completing the process, at least a three-day drying period is good before moving everything back into the room.

Admittedly, the process discussed can be tedious and physically demanding. But as long as you know how to refinish old hardwood floors fast, you won’t have to do it again for some time, and you’ll greatly appreciate what you’ve accomplished.


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