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How to relieve asthma without an inhaler

How to relieve asthma without an inhaler

Breathing will be easier when inhalers are used during an asthma attack. Muscles are relaxed thus clearing up the passageways in the lungs. There are also medications that are administered using this device, but you may be overusing it when most of the things you do to ease your bronchial difficulties revolve around using it. The results of overuse can be a worsened asthma condition or perhaps death. How to relieve asthma without an inhaler is very important to know. Use oral medications as specified below:

  1. Replace an Albuterol inhaler with Albuterol sulfate tablets. Although used differently, the effects will be the same. Delicate muscles in the airways are relaxed thus eliminating the breathing difficulties. Like the inhaler, this drug must be taken only when needed or when there’s an indication that a bronchial attack is going to happen. Discuss this with your doctor for accurate instruction.

  2. Take a prescription drug like Theophylline. Taken once a day, it allows for asthmatic relief for a long period of time as long as you are taking them.

    It is more of a preventive drug for the symptoms to occur by relaxing the airways. The dosage will be dependent on how bad your asthma is. Prescriptions will differ from one patient to the other so do not take one just because of a friend’s success story.

  3. Corticosteroids can slow down an overactive immune system during an asthma attack. These can be taken orally also. You can seek advice from your doctor if this drug is suitable for your condition. The symptoms of asthma cannot manifest if the immune system is controlled. They can, therefore, be called suppressants for asthmatic symptoms. You might not be able to cure the condition totally, but not having the slightest symptom will be good enough.

  4. Have a regular dosage of antihistamines if you are prone to allergies. Reactions to these allergens cause asthma. You can stop your body from being sensitive to these allergens by injecting Omalizumab. Only your doctor can facilitate the injection in a minimum of a two-week interval. The interval should not be more than four weeks. Never self-administer because an up-to-date consultation is needed depending on the effects of the injection.

  5. Do not get used to the usual remedies using reliever inhalers.  Their constant use will create a chemical discharge from the lungs which is damaging to the immune system that can aggravate asthma. Preventive measures are better than the cure. However, since there’s no cure for asthma, it is a wise approach to concentrate on how to prevent the symptoms from occurring.

If ever you cannot stay away from inhalers that quickly, consider seriously the use of preventive inhalers instead. This is the lesson learned from the research funded by Dr. Elaine Vickers in the United Kingdom. Inhalers work better when reliever inhalers are used alternately with the preventive ones. This practice is not the usual case with millions of asthmatic patients. This is the very reason why they are exposed to harmful chemicals that they themselves create inside their bodies. How to relieve asthma without an inhaler is not only possible but even better healthwise. The development of drugs that will solve the damage that has resulted from the overuse of reliever inhalers may soon be on its way. Since it is not here yet, asthma patients are advised to re-consult with their physicians to review their prescribed medications based on the present progress of the symptoms. Also request for a preventive inhaler prescription to discourage bronchial attacks and balance the damage done by reliever inhalers.


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