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how to relieve hip pain

how to relieve hip pain

The largest joint in the human skeletal system is the hip. It promotes balance and supports the entire upper body weight. Thus, the hip must be free from pain so that the body’s mobility is not affected. Hip problems, such as bursitis and arthritis, should not be taken for granted and must be given immediate medical treatment. Fortunately, there are effective ways on how to relieve hip pain. As explained on emedicinehealth.com, while some causes of hip pain emanate from the joint itself, there are a number of structures around the hip that are potential sources of pain. There are forms of nerve inflammation that may produce hip pain, including the pain resulting from the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve in the thigh area, which is usually inflamed during pregnancy. Moreover, pain due to an inguinal hernia may be experienced in the hip. Read on for the applicable tips in relieving hip pain.

  1. Consult a doctor. Persistent symptoms of hip pains can cause discomfort and inconvenience; they must be described to a health care provider.

    The doctor will conduct physical examination procedures and will recommend further tests to find out the root cause of pain. Thereafter, the doctor will prescribe the necessary drugs and appropriate dosage of pain relievers to alleviate the pain.

  2. Eat the right foods. Since omega-3 fatty acids are capable of reducing inflammation, they are good in relieving hip pains. Omega-3 fatty acids can be sourced from fatty fish (herring, anchovies, sardines, tuna and mackerel), nut oils and plants (olive, flaxseed and canola), and green vegetables (lettuce and broccoli).

  3. Lose weight. As mentioned, the hip carries the entire weight of the upper body, and being overweight can only put more pressure on the hip bones and joints. Once there is too much pressure, the hip bones, joints and the bone cartilage will become strained. In the long run, they could suffer damage. Losing weight is a good remedy to avert the possibility of hip bone damage. Moreover, proper exercise can stabilize and strengthen the hip bones.

  4. Perform appropriate exercises. The physical exercises that target the hip area are brisk walking, swimming, pool aerobics and other pool activities. Exercises that put too much pressure on the hips, such as jogging and other strenuous physical activities, can only create further damage to the hips.

  5. Take pain reliever as prescribed. Some pain relievers have heavy side effects. As much as possible, ask for the doctor’s prescription first in order to get the right dosage. The common pain relievers are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like naproxen, ibuprofen and diclofenac. There are also effective pain relievers classified as over-the-counter drugs.

  6. Temperature therapy. This is commonly known as the hot or cold treatment. If back pain occurs due to arthritis, it is best to apply a hot treatment to alleviate the discomfort. However, if the cause of hip pain is bursitis, heat therapy may worsen the degree of inflammation. On the other hand, cold therapy is applicable if the cause of pain is swelling.

  7. Wear the right shoes. Sometimes, hip pains may be due to the kind of footwear used. The shoes must fit well, which means the design of the shoes must correspond to the feet structure. If the lower limbs are comfortable, there will be a smooth cushioning effect, which can take some pressure off of the hips.

Whatever may be the cause of hip pain, the problem must be addressed immediately. Rather than suffering from the embarrassment that may be brought about by serious hip pain, prevent it from occurring by eating the right foods and trimming down body weight. At any rate, always refer to the above-enumerated ways on how to relieve hip pain for proper guidance. No one should be burdened by any joint pain when there are available remedies.


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