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how to relieve joint pain

how to relieve joint pain

One reaches that age wherein an otherwise healthy body starts to show a bit of wear and tear. Sneaky joint pain manifests after a long day of work; it starts off mildly but gradually increases to a level that prevents one from ignoring it. Joint pain can vary from tolerable to chronic, which can even be debilitating if untreated. Despite this, it does not necessarily mean that joint pain should prevent you from continuing your usual daily activities as there are numerous remedies. One just has to learn how to relieve joint pain. Joint pain is a common sign of arthritis wherein there is swelling, inflammation and pain in the joints: at your feet, hands and elbows. It is the inflammation that’s mostly responsible for the pain. Here are synthetic and natural remedies in getting rid of joint pain:

  1. Pain killers. For immediate relief, it is best to go for over-the-counter pain relievers. Aspirin is a tried and tested medicine for pain that’s readily available anywhere, you might even have some spare in your own cupboard.

    ther types of pain relievers, such as mefenamic acid, also work fast and well. A number of analgesics are easily accessible; just make sure to ask your local pharmacist for the brand or kind that works best with joint pain.

  2. Anti-inflammatory drugs. Specific types of medicine are designed to address inflammation to relieve pain and swelling. There are over-the-counter drugs available or you could also get a prescription from your doctor.

  3. Topical treatments. There are also creams available (such as CT cream) that can alleviate pain when applied directly over the painful swelling. These can also be available over the counter in your local pharmacy.

  4. Hot or cold compress. Using an ice pack or a warm compress on the painful joint is a good and natural remedy to joint pain. It can be very relaxing as well. One can use this in lieu of drugs if you find that it is sufficient to relieve pain.

  5. Fish oil. This might not be a very appetizing notion to many but this provides your joints with the supplements they need to counter arthritis and joint stiffness. You can take fish oil pills with warm milk or water (if you are lactose intolerant) on a daily basis.

  6. Exercise. Increasing your physical activity to a manageable level can counter the signs of aging, such as arthritis, and help minimize if not completely get rid of joint pain. Doing leg squats and regularly extending your legs can help strengthen your legs and feet where joint pain usually strikes. Strengthening your muscles and joints can help in the long-term management of arthritis and joint pain.

  7. Vitamin C. Eating fruits rich with vitamin C, such as lemons, oranges, grapefruits and strawberries, provides your body with a delicious dose of vitamin C, which can lessen swelling in the joints.

  8. Water. Drinking lots of water helps circulation and in flushing out toxin deposits, which can contribute to joint pain caused by arthritis.

These simple pieces of advice can help anyone learn how to relieve joint pain. However, most people forget that joint pain is often not a condition in itself but a symptom for something else. So, after addressing the pain with remedies for immediate relief, please consult your doctor or health care provider for a comprehensive check-up.


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