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how to relieve knee pain

how to relieve knee pain

Adults ages 65 and above often experience knee pain.  Arthritis is normally the main culprit for the disability in this age group. Other causes include muscle overuse and extreme foot strain. Nevertheless, there are various non-surgical remedies how to relieve knee pain. Constant application of these therapies can strengthen the condition of these knee parts thus getting rid of knee pain for a long time if not for good. These following recommendations are the content of the Strong Knees therapeutic exercise DVD from the doctor of the physical therapy program at Mount Saint Mary’s College.

  1. Exercise the hip extensions. You may wonder how the hips would affect the knee, but in the event of a major hip injury, cartilage tears will soon follow and will result in substantial pain in the knee during old age. This remedy is often called a butt exercise because the movements are centered towards the butt like lunges. The idea is to make the main butt muscle, the gluteus maximus, strong to prevent the pelvis from dropping and the thigh bone in the upper part from shrinking lower.


  2. Stretch supporting muscles which are basically the inner thigh muscles. The hamstrings and the hip abductors are important to focus on.  Muscle imbalances will occur when these muscles are tightened. Performing squats, bicycling, and fencing will stretch them out. It is important to do stretching for both the gluteal and supporting muscles to keep your knees intact.

  3. Improve the core muscles’ strength to neutrally position the spine. If the inner parts of the body are strong, the vertebrae will be kept in their proper place. On the other hand, problems in the abdomen will cause a displacement of the pelvis, curving of the lower back, inward leg bone shifting. Abdominal crunches are done by lying flat on your back with bent knees against the wall. With a crossed arm, raise your head together with your shoulders as you breathe deeply. Yoga and kickboxing also have some good routines to strengthen the core muscles.

  4. Keep a proportioned body weight. Carrying around a heavy body is a burden to the knees. This explains why overweight people have weaker knees than skinny individuals. Choose a weight loss program that has no impact on your knees like water aerobics. Elliptical training and cycling are also good alternatives, but proper adjustments to the devices must be observed to avoid straining the knee like the seat level for the stationary bike.

  5. Wear flat shoes with proper arch support. High heels are attractive to look at, but knee and ankle injuries can be developed over time due to their prolonged use.  Calf muscles will be tightened leading to the collapse of the arch of the foot. Once the lower leg is pushed inwards, the condition will start to stress the knee and the ankle.  Poor shoe cushioning also has undesirable effects on the knees.

  6. Do not overdo certain knee exercises by ignoring muscle aches. Pain is a sign that there’s something wrong with your body. Muscle stiffness and aches will not help in relieving knee pain. Exercises must be done gradually. If you have difficulty moving the next day or after two days, you are pushing yourself too hard. Understand that our bodies have limitations that we should consider though regular exercises increase the strength of the body.

The beauty on how to relieve knee pain is to know that each part of our body, even the tiniest muscle, definitely is connected with another main part. It is crucial not only to take care of the vital parts but also the connecting parts.


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