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How to Remove a Tattoo Yourself

How to Remove a Tattoo Yourself

Getting a tattoo is often a personal decision that involves deciding on the design and its location on your body. Your decision can be influenced by your current mood or what’s popular. But while the tattoo is permanent, you are changeable, and there may come a time when you do not want the tattoo anymore. You could’ve gotten it while drunk, or maybe it reminds you of a former lover or spouse and unpleasant times. You might regret the tattoo because it is misspelled or just badly drawn. Some hiring managers would rather not hire people with tattoos than risk getting sued if they ask the applicant to hide the tattoos at work.  While having the tattoo removed by a professional using a laser is the safest option, you can try to remove it on your own. Here are the steps for how to remove a tattoo yourself.

  1. Use a tattoo removal cream

    There are several tattoo removal creams being sold online and in stores. Read the user reviews and decide which product is best for you. The tattoo may only fade and not disappear as a result, but you may want to give them a try because they are cheaper than laser removal.

    u may even be satisfied with a faded or less-vivid tattoo. A faded tattoo is also easier to cover up with another tattoo design, but you should be aware that these creams may cause some scarring which will make it difficult to tattoo over. Apply the cream regularly as directed. If you have been using the cream for several months to no perceptible effect, stop using it since you might end up wasting your money when you should save up for a laser removal.

  2. Use salt water

    This method is cheaper than the previous method; however, it may result in slight scarring and discolored, rough skin. It will gradually fade the tattoo, so it is not so visible. Wash the tattoo site with antibacterial soap. Shave it if needed then let dry. Wet a clean sponge and dip it in a mound of ocean salt until the salt stops dissolving on the wet sponge. Rub the salted sponge over the tattoo in quick strokes for thirty minutes. Let the area dry completely. Rinse the area with water and put a bandage over it for a day or so to avoid infection. Do not repeat this method until the skin has healed.

  3. Use a tattoo gun

    This method is only for tattoo artists or those certified to use a tattoo gun. There are three ways you can lighten a tattoo with a tattoo gun – tattoo with saline over the lines, tattoo with a blank tattoo gun while keeping the area wet with peroxide, and tattooing over the old design with a color that matches your skin tone. The last one is not a removal per se, but it will cause the undesired tattoo to blend in with your skin and may not be noticeable in time. It cannot be stressed enough that this method is only for those who are proficient with tattoo guns.

There are several ways on how to remove a tattoo yourself and how to have your tattoo removed with medical procedures. An example is dermabrasion, which sands away layers of your skin, hopefully including the skin with the tattoo on it. An extreme method is excision, where the tattoo area is cut out and the skin is sewn back together and allowed to heal. Intense Pulsed Light Therapy directs beams of light to the tattoo where a gel was applied. Some people say that it is less painful than laser therapy but more expensive. Laser therapy is still the most widely-used method because it is the safest and carries a low risk of scarring.


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