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How to Remove Age Spots on Your Hands

How to Remove Age Spots on Your Hands

Aside from wrinkles and sagging skin in the face and neck, another problem with aging is the appearance of brownish spots. Also known as age spots, sun spots or liver spots, the main causes are sun exposure and aging. They usually appear on exposed areas of the skin, commonly the back of the hands, neck or face. Read this guide to learn how to remove age spots on your hands and make them look younger again.

  1.  Apply products containing hydroquinone. This powerful substance is actually the standard for treating brown spots on the skin. Hydroquinone is a bleaching and lightening agent that works by decreasing the production of the pigment-carrying substances in skin cells. Thus, it is effective in treating age spots and other dark spots like acne scars. It is usually sold in the form of creams and other topical products and available in over-the-counter at low concentrations. Preparations containing higher amounts, such as over 2%, are prescription only. Keep in mind that you need to apply SPF 15+ sunscreen daily and protect your skin from sun exposure when using hydroquinone products.


  2. Use Kojic acid products. As an effective skin lightening agent, Kojic acid works the same way as hydroquinone to eliminate dark-colored age spots. More people also tolerate it better, when compared to hydroquinone, which sometimes causes skin irritation. Available in the form of soaps and creams, Kojic acid can easily be applied to the hands once or twice a day to lighten age spots.

  3. Retinoids and retinol work well. Aside from smoothing out wrinkles and preventing acne, these vitamin A-related compounds can combat hyperpigmentation by speeding up the rate of skin cell turnover and prevent brown spots from forming. Creams containing retinoids are more potent than those containing retinol. Apply the cream or gel on the back of your hands once a day or as directed by your dermatologist.

  4. Look for products containing alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). AHAs are a group of organic acid compounds that help reduce fine lines, age spots, and even enlarged pores. Known for their exfoliating and skin brightening ability, they are best used in concentrations of up to 15% as they may cause severe irritation in higher amounts. They are the main compounds used in cosmetic chemical peels that lighten and bleach the skin. When starting with AHA products, use them sparingly, spacing applications to every other day, until your skin gets used to the product. You can then progress to applying the product daily.

  5. Inquire about microdermabrasion. Your dermatologist or skin clinic may offer services like microdermabrasion or may recommend someone who does. This procedure simply buffs off the upper layer of the skin using very tiny, rough crystals. This removes hyperpigmented skin cells that cause the dark appearance of age spots. Additionally, it also increases skin elasticity since it stimulates collagen production. For age spot removal, it usually takes six or more sessions, plus additional sessions for maintenance. Each session may take 30 to 60 minutes, with each spaced two to three weeks apart. Consult your dermatologist if this treatment is suitable for you.

  6. Check if laser treatments are right for you. These treatments work by concentrating a laser beam through the epidermis to scatter the pigments responsible for the darker color. Aside from its effectiveness, laser treatment is convenient and almost pain-free, and the results are evident after two to three sessions. A few minor side effects are redness and mild inflammation, which subside after a few hours to a day. A drawback is the cost, which may be quite out-of-budget for many. To learn more, consult with a clinic that offers such treatments.

All of these methods on how to remove age spots on your hands present you with a variety of options. Simply pick a method that suits you and get to work on making your hands look young and spot-free.


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