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how to remove contact lenses

how to remove contact lenses

Contact lenses are very common nowadays as they are more convenient to use. They are soft, transparent lenses that can be placed right onto your eyes. This is perfect for those who have eye problems that engage in a more active lifestyle as wearing eye glasses can be very distracting and limiting. While they are very handy, you can’t hide the fact that these can be irritating to your eyes. For all those who are wearing contact lenses, it is a must that you know how to remove contact lenses properly. Your eyes will need a break from these lenses from time to time. Also, you will need to clean them or even replace them with newer ones. For beginners, it is a challenge to insert and remove contact lenses with ease. Since they are very soft, they tend to fold with the slightest movement from your eyelids. Practice makes perfect, but after a couple of tries, your eyes may get tired and irritated. To end your frustrations, here are some simple steps on how to remove contact lenses the right way.

  1. Gather the things or materials that you need.

    /strong> You will need the following: water, saline solution that comes with your contact lenses, soap, towel, and the specific directions that come with your lenses as well. Some may need a mirror so they can see what they are doing.

  2. Read the instructions that come with your lenses. There might be special ways for each lens care product, so you have to be very careful   not to ruin them easily. If you don’t have the instructions, you can request them from your eye-care practitioner or doctor.

  3. After that, make sure that your hands are clean. Wash your hands with water and a fragrance-free soap.  This will lessen the risk of irritating your eyes. Remember that you will be sticking your fingers on your eyes so you have to be very thorough with this step.

  4. Now, with the use of the saline solution, put two to three drops in each of your eyes. Do this approximately 15 minutes before actually removing the lenses. This will allow the lenses to be properly lubricated so they will easily be removed.

  5. When you are ready, find a working space that has a table where you can place your elbows comfortably. Cover the table with a towel. If you want to use a mirror, also put the mirror in a good position so that you will be able to see clearly.  If you are more comfortable working over your sink, just make sure to close the drain and cover the sink with a cloth.

  6. Get ready to remove your contact lenses. Always remember to remove the right lens first. The first thing you do is look straight up. Then, using your index finger on your dominant hand, touch the lens slowly. While doing that, simultaneously let it slide down, and guide it to the outside corner of your eye. Once you have done this, you will notice that the lens will somewhat gather or fold. Now it will be easier to pick it up.

  7. Try to do the exact same thing on your left eye.

Never worry that your contact lens has disappeared while it is still on your eyes. That is impossible. Just try and check for it on the inner corner of your eye. There will be times that you won’t be able to do it the first time. Just try to concentrate and do it again. Learning how to remove contact lenses can be quite a challenge, but when you finally get it, it will be just like any other daily routine.


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