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how to remove cookies from your computer

how to remove cookies from your computer

Most browsers such as Internet Explorer and Google Chrome store some information as text files every time you visit a site. This information could be domain names or URLs, user names, passwords, cookies from all the websites that you visited etc. These and others, are called cookies. You should know how to remove cookies from your computer to prevent unwanted files from corrupting or filling up your computer’s memory. You will notice the additional load these cookies place on your system by experiencing a gradual slowing down of your computer’s speed. Make it a regular practice to clean up your system, because spyware and malware can also be detected as cookies. These are called harmful cookies. There are also cookies that are important to run applications. They should not be removed if you do not want to disable the corresponding feature on your computer. Here’s how to safely remove cookies from your computer.

  1. Click the Windows icon to open the Start Menu. All Windows operations start from this, so you can’t miss it.

    s usually found on the bottom left corner of the computer screen. The Windows icon is like a flag in a circle.

  2. Type "Disk Cleanup" into the search box and press "Enter." The search box is that space provided at the bottom of the menu. Try not to misspell the command and it will take you to the next step straight away. The computer will give you other options close to the one you type if the exact command is not typed in. Better to retype the exact words rather than taking a chance on the possibly wrong choice.

  3. Use the drop-down menu and select the drive you want to clean, then click "OK”. Avoid cleaning Drive C:, where program files are stored together with other applications. Do this only if you are familiar with the individual files on this drive.

  4. Click "OK" when the confirmation window appears asking if you want to delete the files. Click "Delete Files". Do not delete files that you are not sure of. Check first, before hitting the delete button. No need to rush on this. Delaying the clean-up for a few hours or more will not make a lot of difference if you need to ask someone first.

  5. Open Mozilla Firefox from the shortcut icon on the desktop, usually displayed at the upper right hand corner of the page. Click "Tools", "Options" and open the "Privacy" tab. Click "Show Cookies" then "Remove All Cookies".

  6. Open Internet Explorer. Click "Tools" and "Safety". Click "Delete Browsing History." Ensure the "Cookies" box is checked. You will find the Tools icon at the upper right side of the page when you are navigating on the Internet Explorer Page.

  7. Do the same process with all your other search engines. The terms might differ slightly, but they all have similar procedures. The commands are pretty straightforward, so you should have no difficulty going through the process step by step. Just answer the questions asked based on your intentions.

How to remove cookies from your computer is the most minimal maintenance you could do to your computer on your own. It is simple, fast and easy. You should be in control of your computer; not the other way around. There are ways to retrieve, re-install or download new files to your computer if you happen to delete useful cookies. You should not have to tolerate the deteriorating speed of your computer. It will affect your work performance, as well as your enjoyment, while accessing entertaining materials from the internet.


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