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How to Remove Facial Hair for Women

How to Remove Facial Hair for Women

Some women get facial hair due to a genetic issue. Other causes include certain health conditions that trigger the appearance of facial hair, such as hormonal imbalances, polycystic ovary syndrome, or pituitary tumors, among others. One way how to remove facial hair for women effectively, considering the above-mentioned issues, starts with consulting a doctor to verify whether the hair growth is a symptom of something else and getting the appropriate treatment. However, if the growth is due to a hereditary propensity for excess hair growth, heed these hints:

  1. Shaving your facial hair is one easy and quick option. However, the regrowth rate is also fast, and the new growth appears thicker as the hair shaft was not completely removed and its cut edge is blunt. If you opt to shave, use sharp razors and apply shaving cream before doing the actual defuzzing for better results.

  2. Using depilatory creams designed for the face is an alternative you can try. Some slow down hair growth and even cause them to grow finer with repeated use.

    However, it's recommended that you test the cream on a discreet portion of your face to check the sensitivity of your skin to the product. It's normal to experience mild stinging, which is a sign that the product is working. However, it should not sting to the point where it's unbearable or seriously uncomfortable. If you're fine with the product, spread it over the area where you want to remove hair and wait for a couple of minutes or as recommended by the instructions that came with the cream. Then, wipe or wash it off with water.

  3. Tweezing can remove facial hair effectively, although this is time-consuming and a bit painful. This is more viable for areas on the face that are not as sensitive.

  4. Waxing is a great way to remove facial hair as it is quicker and gives longer-lasting results. It removes hair at the roots, making regrowth span about a couple of weeks rather than just days. The first few attempts may be painful, but this sensation tends to subside with repeated session over time. Cold wax strips are recommended as you do away with the discomfort that comes with using hot wax and the time needed to let the wax cool before using. What you do is place the cold wax strip on the desired area, smooth it on your skin in the same direction of the hair growth, and pull it on the opposite direction quickly. Afterward, apply aloe vera gel or some other post-wax product on the newly waxed skin to soothe it.

  5. Another alternative is threading, which is most appropriate for smaller areas or hair too fine for waxing. This method involves the use of a string passed over certain areas of the face, such as the chin, cheeks, forehead, and upper lip, so that the hair gets caught in the thread and pulled out. This process is natural, free, and quick, although it takes time to develop some proficiency in threading.

If you want a more permanent, less painful solution on how to remove facial hair for women, go for laser hair removal, especially if you have dark hair and fair skin. You can either go to a professional to have this done, or get your own at-home laser kit.


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