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how to remove grease stains from clothes

how to remove grease stains from clothes

There is nothing more frustrating than grease staining your favorite shirt, or a new dress for your little girl, or even that tie that you gave your husband on his birthday.  We cannot help it; stains happen. As a homemaker, we just have to know how to remove grease stains from clothes and still be able to wear them like they’re brand new. Grease comes in all forms and in all places. While repairing your car, grease can stain not only your hands but your clothes too. And even if you are in the finest places, it can still happen. The olive oil in your salad dressing can stain your shirt accidentally. There are many other instances that just happen even when we are careful. Here are some steps on how to remove grease stains from clothes that will take your worries away.

  1. For any stain, there is one common rule. Wash it off right away. Do not wait for it to settle into the fabric. This will cause a more difficult task for you. So the moment you realize there is a grease stain, try to wipe it off with a paper towel to decrease the quantity of the stain.

    hen, as soon as you get home, deal with it right away.

  2. If the stain you have is from an automotive, it tends to be a little hard and thick. What you should do is scrape that thick layer off. You can use something sharp like a knife, but be very careful that you won’t damage the fabric.

  3. Next thing that you will want to do is absorb as much grease as you can out of the fabric. To do this, use agents that have absorbing ingredients. You can choose among these tested agents; baking soda, starch, and powder. These are common in your household so you need not buy anything. Put a good amount of any of these three directly on the stain and let it stand for an hour or more.

  4. After the powder has set and absorbed the grease out of the fabric, brush it off. On more delicate fabrics, use a brush with a soft bristle so that you won’t damage the fabric. Try to get as much stain out as you can.

  5. If there are still stains left, use your liquid dishwashing soap. It’s best to use the clear kind to avoid any possible stains from the dyes in the soap. Using a sponge, place a generous amount of liquid soap and work it into lather. Scrub the remaining stain.

  6. For any case that there will still be some stains, you can repeat steps 3-5 until the stains are completely removed. In lieu of the powder in step 3, you can also use a detergent powder. Just add a little bit of water to make it paste-like. Apply it to the stained part of the fabric, and leave it there for an hour or so.

  7. Wash the garment afterwards in the manufacturer’s recommended way. However, if there is an unpleasant smell left, you can add vinegar to your water to remove any unwanted smell on your clothes.

  8. If you encounter stains because of a certain job, like a mechanic or a cook, you can invest in specialized grease-removing stain cleaners.

These are better alternative solutions than spending a fortune on dry cleaners. Most of the things that can help you in removing grease stains are in your household. You just have to do it properly. Grease can be tough to deal with. But when you know how to remove grease stains from clothes, then there is no grease that can escape you.


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