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How to Remove Hyperpigmentation

How to Remove Hyperpigmentation

The term hyperpigmentation actually covers a whole range of causes for uneven skin tone. It can refer to freckles or moles, dark circles under the eyes, old acne scars, sun damage, age spots, etc. Hyperpigmentation happens when the melanocytes under the surface of the skin produce too much pigment. It is mostly a cosmetic concern rather than a medical one. There are several methods to reduce the appearance of dark spots. Some can be done in the privacy of your home while others will need the expertise of a dermatologist. Here’s how to remove hyperpigmentation:

  1. There are a number of ways to get rid of hyperpigmentation. For dark spots that are not too pigmented and only cover small areas, DIY treatments can be applied. You can try skin-lightening products that contain kojic acid, calcium, azelaic acid, soy milk, cucumber, citric acid, hydroquinone, papain, or arbutin. These ingredients slow down the production of melanin while flushing out melanin deposits from the skin surface. Products with these active ingredients are usually marketed as skin care: cleansers, toners, moisturizers, masks, serums, etc.

    For best results, use compatible products as part of a daily skin care regimen.

  2. There are also several dermatological procedures that can give you more prominent results after one or more treatments. These generally aim at removing the topmost layers of the skin so that the unblemished skin layers below can become more visible. Microdermabrasion, acid peels, and laser therapy can be done in just minutes, with virtually no downtime. However, patients who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or are on incompatible medications are not ideal candidates.

  3. In some cases, hyperpigmentation is brought about by hormonal changes or imbalances. Some metabolic conditions like Addison’s or Cushing’s disease also manifest themselves as hyperpigmentation. In these cases, treatment will depend on correcting the hormonal imbalance first; otherwise, superficial treatments will simply address the physical symptoms and recurrences will be inevitable. Some hyperpigmentation, like those that happen in pregnancy, are a side effect of natural body changes. They will stop and even reverse once the woman’s body recovers after birth.

  4. Although hyperpigmentation does not usually cause pain or irritation, there are some cases where it can develop into skin cancer. Surgical removal of the suspected lesion is generally recommended to prevent cancerous cells from spreading. When caught early on, skin cancer patients have a very good prognosis, with remission achieved in the majority of cases.

  5. Aside from skin care, adopt healthier skin habits like avoiding skin irritants and products that can clog pores. For instance, there is nothing wrong with wearing makeup as long as you clean your skin properly before going to bed. It also helps to keep track of ingredients that can trigger reactions; some ladies are sensitive to silicones while others break out when using cosmetics that contain cornstarch. Practice good hygiene like cleaning makeup tools regularly and changing pillowcases every few days.

Remember that although hyperpigmentation can be rather unsightly, it is rarely permanent because the skin regularly sheds off old layers and produces new ones. Given enough time, the skin layers with hyperpigmentation will eventually die off and be replaced by healthier cells. Treatments for hyperpigmentation are just speeding up the process. Knowing how to remove hyperpigmentation is just as important as knowing how to prevent it. The regenerative process means that, eventually, you will get clear skin as long as you take care not to cause more hyperpigmentation to crop up. Unless you actively take steps to avoid the causes of skin damage, any procedure will simply be a stop-gap measure. One of the best things that you can do for your skin is to consistently and properly wear sunscreen every day, even during the winter or on cloudy days. The sun is the worst skin offender, and many of us are exposed to its damaging rays without even realizing it.


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