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how to remove mildew smell from clothes

how to remove mildew smell from clothes

How many times have you felt ashamed just because your clothes smelled bad? Your friends and classmates were teasing you, right? Well, this is the result of you not taking care of your clothes after you wash them. But don’t you worry. The bad smell of your clothes can still be eliminated. Learning how to remove mildew smell from clothes is simple. There are natural solutions for this. You can actually use baking soda or vinegar. You should take notice that when your clothes are left in water for a few days, they will begin to smell musty. Even if you wash them, you still cannot get rid of the bad smell. This easy method will eventually help you get rid of the stubborn smell from your clothes.

  1. When the washing machine starts running, add at least ¼ cup of vinegar and the clothes. Once in a while, turn off the machine during the washing period, in order to allow the clothes to sit in the water.

  2. When the washing period is done, you need to drain the water from the machine, after which, refill it with fresh water.

    strong> In this way, you are sure that more than 90 percent of the dirt drained with the water. You will then add the detergent and normally wash the clothes. By doing this, the bad smell of your clothes should now be gone.

  3. Dry clothes under the heat of the sun or with a dryer. The heat from the dryer or the sun is very important in perfectly drying your clothes. If there is still a minor mildew smell, the heat of the sun or dryer could absorb the smell. If there is no sunlight, you can still use the dryer with a fabric softener sheet.

  4. Put clothes back in the machine. If you feel that there is still a mildew smell after drying, you can put the clothes in the washing machine for a second round of washing and cleaning.

  5. Put in enough detergent soap. The detergent is also a big factor in eliminating the mildew smell from your clothes. Therefore, you need to put at least a good amount of detergent soap in your clothes and dry with a highly scented fabric softener.

Okay, so you now know how to remove mildew smells from clothes. Remember these steps and repeat the process when necessary. You don’t need to spend more money in trying to make your clothes smell good. All you need is your regular laundry detergent and good fabric softeners.


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