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How to Remove Stretch Marks Naturally

How to Remove Stretch Marks Naturally

Everyone dislikes stretch marks, but unfortunately, if you don’t watch your weight, you are bound to develop them. Pregnant women also develop them. Their skin stretches as their bellies grow bigger. After they give birth, their abdomens shrink naturally, causing the stretch marks to become prominent. Those with light-colored (red, white, or purple) stretch marks are lucky. Some stretch marks get ugly: They become darker or more prominent. Learning how to remove stretch marks naturally will give you a chance to restore your skin to its previous state. Take advantage of the following tips:

  1. Prevent stretch marks before they appear. Pregnant women should moisturize the areas of their body that are prone to stretch marks, especially the belly, buttocks, breasts and hips. Wear a maternity bra regularly to support your expanding breasts. Use cocoa butter or shea butter and products rich in vitamin A, E, and rose oil on these areas.

  2. Try wheat germ, which is noted to be effective for newly formed stretch marks.

    Treat them as soon as you notice them. Vitamin C in any form is also efficient in eliminating stretch marks because it promotes collagen production. This is especially the case when it is combined with glycolic acid (which serves the same purpose). Experiment with these products and observe their effect on your stretch marks.

  3. Eating healthy food and maintaining your ideal weight is recommended. Decrease your intake of carbohydrates and sweets. These only expand your stomach. Also, increase your intake of protein-rich food. Eat more green, leafy vegetables and fruits for the needed vitamins and minerals. They are definitely good for the skin and may prevent stretch-mark formation. Beer drinkers should know that excessive indulgence in beer can make their abdomens grow bigger very quickly, making them prone to stretch marks.

  4. Exercise as much as you can. It will increase the elasticity of your skin. It will also help you maintain your ideal weight. By preventing sudden weight increases, it will keep stretch marks at bay. Weightlifters should not overdo it. Extreme efforts may cause their skin to tear, which is very damaging. They may also trigger the sudden bulging of muscles, causing stretch marks to form.

  5. Drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated. It helps your skin maintain its elasticity too. The application of creams may not eliminate stretch marks, but it can moisturize the skin and remedy itchiness. Avoid scratching areas prone to stretch marks as it only adds to the existence of unpleasant lines in your skin. Cut a capsule of Vitamin E into half and massage its contents onto stretch marks to help shrink them.

Stretch marks tend to diminish over time. Dark red or purple stretch marks can turn into silver or white marks. You should massage them with Vitamin E and moisturize them with Retin-A creams or lotions as part of your daily regimen. Learning how to remove stretch marks naturally is your best bet if you have fresh stretch marks as they are very effective in such cases.


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