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How to Remove Ticks on Dogs

How to Remove Ticks on Dogs

Ticks are parasites that thrive by sucking blood from their hosts.  Normally their targets are warm blooded animals, especially dogs. They cling on clothing or fur and move to a less hairy area to have easy access to the skin. Right then, they will bite and suck and won’t let go until they are done feeding. Although this is not a life threatening situation, it is best to know how to remove ticks on dogs to free your pet from the dreaded suckers:

  1. The main reason why ticks should be removed is because, like mosquitoes, they are also carriers of various diseases like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. On your part, never touch them with your bare hands as you do not know what contaminants they are carrying. Use tweezers to pull them off your dog’s skin. Grab the tick by the mouth area.  Do not twist as this might cause your dog to get hurt or might leave a portion of the tick’s body on your dog’s skin. When the tick is removed, burn it or put it in a container with alcohol. The bite on your dog’s skin should be treated with an antiseptic or an antibiotic to make sure that whatever disease it is carrying will not contaminate your dog.

    aliva from the tick may leave some blemishes on your dog’s skin.

  2. Light a match and put it right next to the tick. Make sure your dog’s hair does not catch fire. The intention is just to let the tick loosen its bite on your dog.  With a tissue paper to protect your hands, remove the tick and dispose it properly so it cannot victimize your dog again.

  3. As a preventive measure, bathe your dog regularly or whenever it gets dirty.  When dogs are untidy, they easily attract all sorts of parasites, which will definitely be uncomfortable and unhealthy.   It can cause them itchiness, pain and uneasiness. It is also unhealthy for you as these parasites can definitely transfer to your skin.

  4. Applying nail polish on a tick can also be done.   This will not kill them but will suffocate them.  The discomfort will force the tick to give up feeding on your pet. You can now remove it manually, making sure to protect your hand with a napkin or a glove.

  5. Still another method is to rub the body of the tick in a circular motion.  This will make it dizzy, and it will loosen its bite on your dog’s skin.  Wait for this opportunity and it will easily dislodge and walk away. Pick it up and dispose of it in a container with alcohol or simply wrap it in paper and kill it. Again protect your hand with gloves or tissue paper to avoid direct contact with the tick’s body, especially the mouth.

As dog owners, we must make sure that our pets are in good health at all times.  A dog with ticks is definitely not in good condition.  As our pets are helpless in getting rid of them, it is really important for us to know how to remove ticks on dogs. There are different varieties of ticks, but they have the same characteristics; therefore, any of the ways described above can be beneficial.


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