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How to Remove Wax from Skin

How to Remove Wax from Skin

Good thing that you finally convinced yourself to do your own hair waxing session. Don’t worry if this is your first time. The worst thing that can happen is to spill the wax in the wrong spot. That won’t be a big deal if know how to remove wax from skin. It does not have to be painful if you patiently read and follow the following steps:

  1. Be ready with wax removal materials: hygienic washcloth, baby, mineral or olive oil, hot water, cotton pads or balls, petroleum jelly, wax removing cream, degreasing dish soap, rubbing alcohol and ice cubes (nice but not essential).

  2. Do not be afraid to remove big wax globs by hand. Refrain from peeling these off. This is especially true when you do not want to remove the hairs in those areas or areas are sensitive body parts.

  3. Submerge the washcloth in hot water. Do not apply this directly to your skin since it is already tender because of the waxing. Test the heat of the washcloth. If it’s bearable, place it on the wax that you want to remove for at least one minute.

    e goal is to soften the wax so it can be easily removed with short lifting strokes.

  4. Remove unwanted waxes by soaking a cotton pad or ball in oil. This can be mineral, olive or simply baby oil. Splotch the target wax letting it soak up the oil. This should gently break down the wax. Wipe the residue away with the cotton pads.

  5. If you have difficulty, pour more oil on the stubborn areas. If your wax kit comes with an oil-based wax removal solution, use that instead of the aforementioned oils.

  6. Use petroleum jelly in areas where the wax is not easily accessible. Let it penetrate the wax for about 3 minutes. Remove by wiping with a cotton pad. You can also use a warm washcloth with drops of degreasing dish soap for effective results.

  7. Avoid pulling the hairs that should not be removed by letting the wax debris slide off the sides. Clean with wiping strokes that follow the growth of hairs. Squeeze some rubbing alcohol on the cotton ball and pat the oily skin sideways removing oil and small wax pieces.

  8. Spend some money on heavy duty wax remover if the above suggestions are not sufficient. They are formulated specifically for that purpose and are designed to be gentle on the skin. Most commercially available wax removal agents have skin softeners and moisturizers in them. Just follow the directions on the package.

You can also experiment with ice cubes if you are not happy with any of the discussed tips on how to remove wax from skin. Place them on the wax for 30 seconds making it brittle. Never pick up the small pieces of wax directly. First apply oil, lotion or any moisturizers before wiping them off. If you think that you accidentally burned your skin from the hot wax, have it checked by a doctor and take any prescribed medications without delay.


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