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how to repair a plastic bumper

how to repair a plastic bumper

Most people think that damaged plastic bumpers are irreparable; thus, they should be replaced. But this is a wrong notion about plastic bumpers. You can actually repair such damage. There are easy ways you can learn how to repair a plastic bumper. It is important to fix a damaged bumper since it helps protect the car and the one driving it. So, take note of the following tips on repairing you bumpers:

  1. The first thing you should do is to know the type of plastic. Bumpers can be made of any of the following four types of plastic: TPO, thermo-set, sheet molded compound, and poly propylene. These plastics show different characteristics. The first three types are likely repairable.

  2. Sand the damaged area of the plastic bumper. You should then clean it.  Scrub the area that needs to be repaired using a white or gray scuff. Do not just wipe the area, scrub it. Make sure that the plastic is clean to ensure successful repairing. To check the cleanliness of the plastic bumper, sprinkle some water on it.

    The water should stay wet on the area for quite some time. If the water immediately disappears, you should clean the bumper again. Take note that you shouldn’t use sanding paste on the plastic.

  3. Sand the edges of the damaged part using a small angle air grinder. Continue doing this until the area becomes smooth. Make sure that the area is shaped like a bowl. See to it that the edges point downward with a 1/2” angle.  By doing this, the adhesive surface area will then be easier to grab. Avoid using the V-groove method. You can also drill 1/8” holes on the surface area. Make sure that the holes are about one inch apart from each other. With this, the structural material will flow through these holes. This will also make the holes act as rebar fillings, thus making an H re-enforced repair. Using an 80 grit sandpaper, you should sand the front and back of the damaged area again.

  4. You should clean the area again. After cleaning the area, you only have 30 minutes to do the repair. Start quickly to avoid the release of mold on the bumper’s surface. Try to be as fast as possible so that you will have a more effective repair.

  5. The next step is to apply adhesion promoter on both the front and back surface. You should let it stay for approximately 10 minutes.

  6. Before you place the mixing tip, make sure that you purge the two-part cartridge first. After you’re done with this process, purge again. Make sure that two inches of material is purged on cardboard.  See to it that the material only has one color.

  7. Cover around one inch of the back surface of the repair. Do this by applying a structural repair material on a re-enforcement piece. You should then apply the bumper’s back side with the backing material piece. Just let the material leak out of the grooves and holes. While it’s still wet, you should apply more material. Put a contouring plastic on top of the repair. Match the outline of the bumper edges by spreading the contouring plastic. Use your hand or a spreader.

  8. Do not do anything for around an hour. After that, sand the bumper again. You should then apply finishing putty to make your bumper good as new.

Learning how to repair a plastic bumper can be done easily at home. You can simply fix it up using the effective tips mentioned in this article. So, when the plastic bumper of your vehicle is damaged, you don’t need to spend money on a new one. Just make sure that the bumper is really made of plastic. Bumpers made of metal are more difficult to repair.


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