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how to repair cracks in concrete walls

how to repair cracks in concrete walls

Any structural defect in a building should be given immediate attention to avoid further damage to the rest of the structure. Cracks in concrete structures, especially on walls, may look small at first, but if left unattended, will become bigger and eventually irreparable. So knowing how to repair cracks in concrete walls can be very helpful. To protect your existing walls from being destroyed by simple cracks, repair them immediately. To repair cracks, you may need concrete filler, which can be a mixture of cement and fine sand or any adhesive, chisels, hammers, steel brushes, a blow dryer if necessary, shop vacuum, trowel, safety goggles, a face mask, and sandpaper. When you have all these materials, follow the steps below.

  1. Inspect and assess. By conducting an inspection, you can examine the nature and sizes of the cracks. Logically, you cannot make an estimate on the necessary repair materials that you will need as well as the cost until you have inspected the affected areas. Whether you repair the cracks all by yourself or with the services of a contractor, the decision largely depends on your assessment.

  2. Buy materials and consult experts. The needed repair materials are always available in hardware stores or in home improvement stores found in your area. You can also shop online should you like. Also, it is best if you ask experts how to go about with the repair. They will give you important instruction on how to use the materials and how to get the repair well done. Also, note that most hardware stores today are termed as “do-it-yourself” or DIY. Hence, before you shop for the materials, do some research early on. It is just a matter of being inquisitive.

  3. Before starting the repair, think of safety. Before you plunge into the action, keep yourself safe. Wear your safety goggles and face mask, especially if you need to widen the cracks with a chisel and hammer. Small concrete chips may damage your eyes. When applying adhesive or cement, dust is inevitable; therefore, it is best to wear a face mask.

  4. Enlarge the cracks and learn the extent of damage. Enlarging the cracks and defining the extent of damage will help you do a thorough repair. With a steel brush and vacuum cleaner, remove all the debris. Use pressurized water spray to wash away the dust. Once the cracks are wide-open and clean, the bond between the new and old cement and adhesive will have a stronger effect.

  5. Get ready with your adhesive, fine sand, and cement mixture or any concrete filler. When preparing concrete fillers, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Make sure whatever mixture you use is perfect to ensure a strong bond to the concrete.

  6. Fill in the cracks. You may use a caulking gun or specialized injectors to fill the cracks. There are also adhesives in squeeze tubes to facilitate repairs. Make sure your follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to properly apply the fillers.

    Make a first pass and allow the filler to dry. The first pass must have a rough finish to allow the second application to bond with the first. Use the trowel to remove excess fillers. Allow the fillers to dry.

  7. Sand the filled-in cracks. First, sand the filled-in cracks with the use of a coarse sandpaper to immediately remove the excess fillers as well as any rough and protruding edges. Then use fine sand paper to attain a smoother texture.

  8. Paint. Paint the newly repaired cracks. The color of the paint must, of course, blend or should be close to the existing paint on the concrete walls. This makes the repaired area unnoticeable.

Cracks do not only damage the concrete structure of the building. They also destroy the appearance of the larger part of the walls. Cracks on concrete walls are prone to holding moisture, which can lead to total deterioration in the long run due to mildew and mold. Furthermore, small cracks can get wider and wider over time. Therefore, use the steps above on how to repair cracks in concrete walls, and you can always do the repairs all by yourself.  


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