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how to repair dentures

how to repair dentures

Dentures, just like any other thing, may break. You will need to fix them right away so you can continue eating and living a happy life.  You may search for ways on how to repair dentures, but I advise you to read this article before doing anything. Dentures are false teeth which are made in lieu of the original teeth.  It may be only a few teeth, called a partial, or the entire set of teeth that covers the entire jaw. Using dentures is common for the elderly. Using them can be uncomfortable at first, but eventually you will get used to them. This has been a wonderful innovation in aiding people so that they can still eat, talk, and smile comfortably. Presently, there are other modern options aside from dentures. Over time, dentures will tend to crack. As a person grows older, the mouth changes its shape. This makes the denture susceptible to possible breakage. If this happens, here are some tips to address it:

  1. In repairing dentures, one major rule is never to use glue. There is a component in glue that may affect parts of the denture.

    ou may use this temporarily in minor repairs, such as a little crack, and then bring them to the laboratory for proper repair since the glue will not adequately hold it together.

  2. When the dentures are in the laboratory, they make a mould and work from there. What they do is remove the part of the denture that is damaged and replace it with acrylic. This will actually make the denture better and stronger than before.

  3. You can also contact your dentist and see if he or she can do the repair. Sometimes when the repair needed is minor; your dentist can actually fix it in no time.

  4. For emergency repairs, you can buy a denture repair kit. This is an inexpensive way to fix minor repairs. Though some will still suggest that this will only be temporary because the final repair must be made by a professional.

  5. To use the kit, mix the resin as instructed and fill in any cracks in the denture. For a loose tooth, this mixture can be used to put it in place again. Be careful in reading the instructions thoroughly before trying to fix the dentures. You just might damage it even further. Also, there are various repair kits; make sure you are buying the one that suits your needs.

  6. Contact your dentist and inform him/her about the damaged dentures. Follow his instructions as to where you should bring them for proper repair. Do not forget that these are placed in your mouth so you have to be very cautious in using the proper materials to avoid infection or total damage of the dentures.

Using glue or Super Glue, as most will recommend, is not a good idea. Glue contains certain solvents that don’t go well with the acrylic in the dentures and will possibly cause them to melt eventually. Not only that, using glue will not ensure that it will still fit perfectly in your mouth. Once this happens, there is a chance that even professionals might not be able to save your dentures through repair. You may be buying new ones which are costly. Trying to repair dentures on your own will cause so many problems. It may also cause blisters and sores around your mouth which may lead to infection. The best way to handle it is to send it to your dentist or a laboratory and let them fix them. Ask your dentist for a recommendation and be sure to have a final fitting to be sure that it is repaired properly. There are proper ways on how to repair dentures so be sure to follow them especially when you are dealing with an expensive and important piece that aids you every day.


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