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how to repair DVD scratches

how to repair DVD scratches

The evolution of home entertainment has brought about the emergence of the use of DVDs. Movies and video documentaries in the past were recopied and converted from one device to another. Now the copying procedure has been carefully and digitally mastered. Despite the DVD’s video and audio superiority from other playback media, it still has one drawback – scratches. Thus, learning how to repair DVD scratches is very important in order to keep your discs in good viewing condition. Once you see scratches on your DVD, it is best to address the problem immediately rather than neglecting it. Disc scratches, if left unattended, can cause further damage or even totally destroy your DVD. Do not wait for the problem to get worse. The smaller the damage, the less expensive it is to restore the disc into good working condition. If you check your DVD for defects, and notice scratches present on the surface, you need to repair them as soon as possible. If you want to perform the repair of your DVD all by yourself, here are the steps you should follow to accomplish the job.

  1. Check and assess the damage.

    hen there are scratches on your DVD, the laser which reads the disc can be slightly diverted and thus, the DVD player cannot read it. By checking the extent of the damage, you can determine whether the disc merely needs a cleaner or if it needs to be resurfaced with the application of rubbing compounds.

  2. Clean the disc. If, at first glance, you find no traces of scratches on your DVD, or only slight scratches, clean the disc. Moisture, dirt, dust, and oil that accumulate on the disc can affect its video and audio resolution.

    Using a lint-free cloth and alcohol, wipe your disc in a straight line starting from the inside going towards the outside. If you opt to use water to clean your disc, make sure that the water is warm. For tough dirt, use mild liquid detergent or soap. Rinse the disc with running water and gently rub the surface to remove the liquid soap or detergent residue.

  3. Repair the disc. If the scratches and dirt cannot be removed by simply washing the disc with warm water and liquid soap, you can use more thorough cleaning materials. Toothpaste, disc cleaner formula, and polishes are light abrasives that are considered to be good for repairing DVD scratches. However, you have to be extra careful in using these cleaning agents. As abrasives, excessive application can cause further damage to your disc.

    Always use a lint-free cloth when wiping off the abrasive cleaning materials on your disc to avoid causing further damage to the disc.

  4. Resurface the disc. The process of DVD resurfacing is the most comprehensive way of cleaning and removing disc scratches. Using a DVD resurfacing device, place the cleaning solution on the device and spin the disc to it. After, you’ll notice that the disc has become cleaner and scratch-free.

  5. Clean the disc with wax. You can also clean your DVD using the wax method. The wax material may be in the form of Vaseline, furniture wax, car wax, or a neutral color shoe polish. Apply any of these cleaning agents and rub the disc gently. Wipe off the wax using lint-free cloth.

  6. Play the disc. To check whether your DVD cleaning process or resurfacing technique has been successful, try playing the disc. If the distorted video or indistinct sound no longer appears, then you have successfully finished the job.

It is very embarrassing and annoying if, while watching your favorite movie or documentary, all of a sudden the sound and the video become distorted. Apart from being irritating, such distortion can also cause damage to your DVD player. But now that you are aware of how to repair DVD scratches, you can easily clean your own discs and make them scratch-free. Your movie nights can now be pleasurable again and as entertaining as it can be, without distortion.


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