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how to repair plastic bumper

how to repair plastic bumper

Many car owners today do not know how to repair plastic bumper, and they are spending their hard-earned money just to get the problem fixed. Car problems do happen, but it is not always necessary to run to an auto shop for help. When the damage is very minimal, try to fix it yourself. To repair light damage to a plastic bumper, the following materials are necessary to accomplish the task: paint sprayer, plastic filler, 80-grit sandpaper, plastic prep solvent, a piece of card board, car paint, two squeegees, 3tablespoons of hardener, plastic gloves, clean rags, and 3 tablespoons of repair adhesive. Make sure that your safety gadgets, such as goggles, gloves, and apron, are ready for use. Remember that paint is involved, and it is a very volatile substance. The possibility of starting a fire must not be discounted. Hence, a fire extinguisher is a must. When all the above materials are prepared, you are now ready to fix your plastic car bumper. Here are the 10 simple and straightforward steps you can follow.

  1. Your safety must be your first priority.

  2. Before you start the repair job, make sure that everything is prepared, ready to use, and well-organized. All the needed tools and materials must be available and well-organized. Also, make sure that the tools necessary for the job are clean.

  3. Make sure that your working area is entirely clean and free of unnecessary items. A messy working area is prone to causing accidents.

  4. Wear your safety goggles, gloves, face mask, and working apron to protect yourself from fine debris, dust, and dirt. Always have a fire extinguisher ready.

    The gloves will protect your hands from getting abrasions from the use of sandpaper. It will also protect your hands from the adhesives and solvents. The safety goggles will protect your eyes from fine debris, and the face mask will effectively protect you from inhaling any hazardous smells.

  5. Use the 80-grit sandpaper on the damaged potion of the plastic bumper by scraping it. This is important so that the paint will really adhere deep into the plastic.

  6. Wear your plastic gloves, prepare your rag or cleaning cloth, and pour plastic prep solvent on the bumper. The newly scraped damaged portion of the bumper must be cleaned with the solvent and the rag. Wipe the scraped portion in one direction only.

  7. The hardener and the repair adhesive mixture must be spread across into the damaged area with a squeegee to evenly distribute the mixture of the adhesive and the hardener. Allow the mixture to dry for at least 30 minutes.

  8. Make use of the other squeegee to put a thin coat of plastic filler on the damaged portion. Do not put too much plastic filler or else you will surely have a hard time scraping it with the sand paper. Don’t waste your time.

  9. After the plastic filler dries up, use the sandpaper again to smooth the applied plastic filler. This will make the area a lot smoother

  10. Pour paint into the paint sprayer. Spray three coats of paint. Thereafter, allow the paint to dry for at least one whole day.

After learning these steps on how to repair plastic bumper, you will no longer worry about replacing your entire plastic bumper and spending a lot for a very small problem. Relax and take your time. You will have your plastic bumper repair all by yourself.    


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