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how to repair pocket watches

how to repair pocket watches

It seems like you have acquired yourself a pocket watch and need to do some repairs. To own one it is also logical for you to learn how to repair pocket watches. You have the option of bringing it to a watch repairman, but knowing basic and simple repairs will probably save you from spending so much money. Pocket watches have been known as classic and timeless kind of watches. Seeing a pocket watch brings you back to the 16th century where these types of watches were more of a status symbol. Both men and women wore the same style of watch, but they differed in the designs. The men’s pocket watch tends to be more serious looking with less ornamentation as compared to the women’s. Later on it became popular, and cheaper versions of pocket watches were seen from different classes of people. Eventually, when wrist watches were invented, it became less popular. Men found wrist watches more convenient and more masculine looking. Recently, pocket watches are again out in circulation. Fashion has seen the sophistication and style that pocket watches convey.

hese are now used in special gatherings rather than ordinary ones. Also, collectors of watches are very keen in having a traditional and old-fashioned pocket watch in their collection; thus, making them a bit more expensive in the market. If by any chance your pocket watch is in need of repair, here are some ways on how to do it.

  1. When repairing something as delicate as a pocket watch, use the proper tools. You will need a small magnifying glass or loupe, screwdrivers specifically for watches, watch oil, watch blower, tweezers, and case knife.

  2. Open the pocket watch using a case knife. Simply insert the knife at the edge of the watch and click it open. Most pocket watches don’t have screws so there is no difficulty doing this. Do not use anything sharp to aid you in opening it so as not to damage the watch.

  3. Once opened, you will see a pallet lever. This is a very essential part of the watch since it is responsible in the actual timing of your device. What it does is control the balance wheel in going back and forth in a timely manner.

  4. Remove the balance wheel from the clock. Using the watch blower, squeeze it and give it a few puffs. Make sure that all sides are blown with gentle air. The end result is a smooth movement of the balance wheel. If the movement is not as smooth as it should be, you should check it for cleaning or assess if it needs replacement already. Check also the crown wheel and other parts for cleaning and/or replacement.

  5. Try tightening the balance wheel and check if something is in its way. Usually, if the case screws are not tightly screwed in, they may come in contact with the balance wheel and make it hard to turn smoothly. Address this problem by checking any loose screws.

  6. If the watch is still not working, check the other parts for a possible need of cleaning. Use a loupe to see throughout the watch perfectly. For a watch to run, each part should be clean and rust free to be able to run smoothly. You can oil some parts that need oiling.

  7. If your watch is running after trying these tips, carefully close the case. However, if in any case it’s still not working, I will recommend you take it to a reliable repairman.

Applying these basic steps on how to repair pocket watches should be done with extra care. Make sure that you use all the proper tools specially made for pocket watches. This will ensure you won’t damage any parts as you repair them.


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