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How to Repair Sun Damaged Skin

How to Repair Sun Damaged Skin

It is really fun to stay outdoors, especially during the summer. Having a tan is cool but it can also be harmful to your skin. Even a light suntan is enough to damage your skin. Sometimes it is not enough to put on high SPF creams because the sun’s rays can really be harmful to our skin. Some signs of sun damaged skin are age spots, wrinkles and sagging skin. Know how to repair sun damaged skin so your skin can recover. These tips will help you get back to normal or even improve your appearance:

  1. Use bleaching cream to lighten dark spots, freckles and dark pigmentations that were caused by the sunlight. Skin damage manifests as dark spots and may take some time before you discover it. Be patient, skin repair does not happen overnight. Although bleaching cream can be bought in beauty stores, seek a skin professional’s recommendation to avoid the trial and error approach.

  2. Use sunscreen daily to protect your skin from further damage. Make sure your sunscreen has a high content of SPF. This protects you from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays.

    so use skin products rich in Tretinoin or Vitamin A. They encourage collagen production that help shed off the outer sun damaged skin exposing a new healthy layer.

  3. Try a chemical peel. This burns away the damaged skin exposing a new layer that is healthier and younger looking. This significantly improves sun damaged skin especially when done regularly. If you have sensitive skin, consult a skin professional to make sure there is no adverse reaction to your skin. A chemical peel can restore an even skin tone. It removes fine lines or wrinkles and improves skin texture. The benefit you get from this is fantastic but make sure it is performed by a qualified skin professional to avoid problems later.

  4. Laser treatment is an expensive and sometimes painful option. Consult your dermatologist to see if it would be beneficial. The laser burns away the damaged top layer of your skin exposing a new one which is definitely normal and healthy looking.

  5. Try some microdermabrasion sessions. It is a procedure that takes away the outer layer of your skin which is already sun damaged exposing a new and healthy layer. Several sessions may be needed to achieve the desired results. This can be a bit expensive considering the frequency of the needed treatments.

It is important to have a healthy and young looking skin especially on our face since some consider it to be the mirror of our soul. Knowing how to repair sun damaged skin is very important. As a preventive measure, you can wear a hat that shields your face from the harmful rays of the sun. We may think it is vain to do it but it is important to protect your skin and avoid sun damage. Skin improvement and repair entails cost and sometimes it can really be expensive depending on what procedure and treatment you choose. Make it a daily habit to care for your skin and reap the benefits.


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