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how to repair TVs

how to repair TVs

You need not be in a technical school in order to learn how to repair TVs at home. Of course, it does depend on the severity of problem that your television set has. Sometimes, purchasing a brand new set is much more practical than repairing your television, especially if you have to engage the services of an expert repairman. But initially, let us see how to do the repair job yourself. Check out the following tips.

  1. Diagnose the real problem of your TV. Power on your television and closely check its picture quality, which might be a little blurry or fuzzy. Examine the signal as well. It could be that the problem is more the speaker; either low volume or no audio at all. There may also be other miscellaneous problems.

    If you think it is too hard for you to identify the problem with your TV set, do not rely on guess-work. It is much more prudent to consult a repairman so you can be clearly advised regarding your appliance.  Don’t worry; the professional fee you will pay is very minimal.

    fter that, then you can proceed with fixing your TV.

  2. Prepare the user’s manual. In the user’s manual, try to find the diagram that specifically illustrates the inner work-flow of your TV, how the parts are interconnected, and how to perform cord replacement, if necessary. Most of the time, you will refer back to the user’s manual for guidance as you go on with the repair job.

  3. Address the sound problem. The sound production of your television could be very minimal or totally inaudible. Once you have identified that this is a problem, the very first thing to do is to check the volume of the speakers. Power on the speakers and turn the volume all the way up. If there is still no audio, then proceed to checking the satellite or cable box.

    Look at the TV’s mute button to make sure is turned “off” properly. Also, another possible reason for the sound problem could be the headphone connection on the TV. Make sure that nothing is plugged into this connection on the television set.

  4. Resolve the picture problem. The screen display of your TV can sometimes either be grainy or mainly blank without any signal message at all. At this time, all electrical and battery-powered devices surrounding the TV set must be turned off. When another appliance is powered on close by, it can actually affect the quality of the signal received by your television.

    If the problem still persists, you need to power on another TV set in the house to verify if it also has the same trouble. If so, then the problem is probably not your TV but your cable service. Also important to remember is that the quality of your cable connectors can also greatly affect the signal and picture quality of your appliance.

    Of course, you need to check the remote control particularly that the button for TV and Video is set to TV. Normally, failing to switch the appliance to the TV mode from the Video setting can sometimes result to “No Signal” notice on the screen.

  5. Proceed to miscellaneous problems. For most standard TV models, standard-definition viewing is normally used. But if you have an HD model, standard-definition viewing can create vertical bars to appear on the TV screen. There may also be small bars located on the edges of the monitor. If such is the case, you need to check the set-up of the remote control and set it to “Wide” mode or “Zoom” setting.

    Sometimes, it could be that you cannot specifically determine your TV’s problem. You might wonder that the standby light is “on” but you don’t see anything displayed on the screen. Simply power off the TV and unplug it. Wait for a little while then plug in the television set and power it on again.

  6. Resolve a power problem. You need to check that the remote control’s battery still has power. If not, replace it with a newer battery. Carefully unplug your TV. Wait for a minute before you plug it into another outlet, and see if it is the previous outlet that is defective.  Power it on again with the remote control.

Your knowledge of how to repair TVs can save you money. But if, despite your best efforts, there is still no improvement in your television set, do not force the issue. You’re ultimately better off calling a pro to help you do the job.


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